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  • jcr ·
    Hi Bruce
    I am looking for some advice please. I own a 2002 52 reg 313 CDI Sprintshift LWB (converted to Motorhome by me) Yesterday I called in at a friends place, stayed an hour and when I went to go the gearbox selector would not budge from 1, meaning no engine start, I kept trying it with ign on and off, sometimes it would show F' on dash, other time not, just number1. I gave up and returned back today, whereupon she started straight away and drove home without problem. I have noticed issues when in traffic including jolting and slipping into manual 1st gear, lights appear to brighten and dim when driving. I have owned for two years and these are the only problems I have noticed over that time. I'm not sure whether they are related to yesterdays fault. I am in Norfolk, any advice much appreciated, thanks
    jphillips123 ·
    Hi Bruce, can you let me have your email address as am losing my rag with my 53 plate MWB Sprinter. Losing power in third gear, a nice big puff of smoke today and the engine cut out. Indicators don't work and a slight oil leak from the front. Need advice asap please as the local garages have done their normal "sorry mate can't see anything wrong but we will charge you to change everything" :) My email is [email protected]
    Matty215 ·
    I noticed from a post you put up quite a while ago that you are offering limp mode kits. Just wondering if you are still doing these and if you are ill defiantly have 1 as my limp mode is doing my head in!
    Thanks Matt
    t8hyr ·

    I am having the same problen where my van goes into limp mode i have a mercedes 311 cdi W reg! this problem came along when my turbo went and then changed it after that it has never been the same. you say you have fixed this problem a few times are you still fixing these vans?? i am in birmingham will you come here or give me some suggestions to what it could be i have had it on a diagnostic and its not comming with any problems.
    richysweep ·
    Hello I borrowed a friends 412d drove to Sindellfingen no problems after short trip out stoped engine and it did not start again timing has been checked fuel pump checked injectors checked fuel lines etc. engine runs on idle will not pick up, i suspect ecu?? any advance on that?
    Scotsprint ·
    Hello, I bought a second hand sprinter about 6 weeks ago, as seen. Ran great in the test drive but needed changed down from fourth to third going through town at about 30 mph.
    I never thought this would annoy me as much as it does.
    I am used to diving in fourth at 30mph.
    Having other problems, an injector had been leaking and was all encrusted with carbon, two weeks off the road trying to release it.
    This morning the EDC light came on and the van came to a complete hault and will not start.
    Trying to find a solution to that just now. Found some help on here thanks for that.
    BIGFish17 ·
    Hi i noticed you know how to convert a sprinter from auto to manual, and can sort out the ecu, i am buying a 2005 311 cdi this week and want it converting to manual, can you do the whole job if i bring it to you, or i can fit the box and pedal but guessing it wont start after that so i cant move it
    mikedurden ·
    Hey Bruce,
    I have a 2003 416CDI 4x4 ex-ambulance which has had a prop shaft vibration since I had it. I just replaced the shaft intermediate bearing (had a little bit of play) AND welded back on a totaly broken off transfer box bracket, convincing me I had taken care of the vib. However, the vib, tho suppressed by these repairs, is still quite prominent. I now believe there is a propshaft phasing issue (that probably actualy caused the other failures). Can you tell me what is the correct phasing for the prop shafts. Or any other likely causes for this vib. The vibration peek resonates at about 10 - 15 mph and is quite severe under hard acceleration or climbing steep hills at this speed.
    Much appreciate your help.
    ps Happy Feasters
    burners ·
    Hi, I was hopeing you might be able to offer some advice or a fix for my sprinter which has a total cut out problem, with the EDC light coming on, have read your advice in alot of posts on this. Any chance of a phone number and will give you a bell with the details. Also do you have a garage, as would far rather have someone who works on sprinters all the time do it, rather than me learn as i go! Thanks. Dave
    Comnoz ·
    Star Automotive, Perhaps you can help me with my problem. I have a 98- 163 chassis ML320 that quite running on the road again. It has a stored code p1570. CAS and fuel pressure are good. The red led does blink once when the key is turned on. The ECM has been replaced twice for this problem. Last time was 3 monthes ago. I noticed you mentioned a possible communication problem. Any thoughts? Thanks Jim
    sean504 ·
    Hey Star Automotives. Maybe you can help me with this damn frustrating limp mode!!! I have a 98 Vario 612 D which has only covered 93,000 KM. It is randomly going into limp mode which on this beast means a maximum of 20mph up any kind of incline! I have to wipe flies off the back of the truck rather than the windscreen as they run into me!

    I am getting a blown fuse regularly on the park brake (Air compressed) system which may be a contributory factor?

    Restarting the engine predictably clears the problem and no one has yet manged to find a useful fault code by reading the ECU.

    I am completely out of patience with it as we are in the middle of converting the truck to use for our events which involve not only carting the kit around but living in it for short periods of time.

    Your help would be MUCH appreciated.

    Sean Holland (504 Event Management)
    mikethebike52 ·
    hi i have just seen your ad about merc not revving above 3000 and losing power on hills .. well thats me i have a 2002 sprinter 311 2.2 turbo diesel .. which will rev nice when first run but soon losses power and revs .. could you tell me what the prob is or even better what the item you have on offer to cure the prob .. my email is [email protected] cheers mike
    benz-tech ·
    Hi Bruce. I am near my wit's end. I have been chasing a Bost pressure code 2359 on a US-model 2003 903 with an OM647 engine. The odd thing is that both 'boost too high' and 'too low' codes set. During the subsequent lack of power, the rail pressure is backed off several thousand PSI. You mention a kit in one of your posts. Would this be an issue that your kit resolves? email would be best way to reply for me. [email protected]
    john from devon ·
    hi bruce, i have a 313cdi 2000 , can you get an onboard computer for them, that would work out and display mpg as you are driving? if so have you got one, for sale? thanks for any help.. john
    ivansandra ·
    Hi, I've got a 2002 Vito, with an Eberspacher D5WZ booster heater. It stopped working over a year ago & I've just got round to stripping it down. I found the glowplug open circuit & have replaced it. When powered back up, it is still dead. Is it likely to be locked out? If so how can I get it unlocked? I haven't even considered a Merc dealer due to cost.
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