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  • Sportstick ·
    I'm not sure how else to explain this....the basic W204 chassis was designed to accept 225/45-17 tires at all four positions. With this capability, the planners created a Luxury model. To make the Sport model seem sportier (and it makes little to no real world difference) they put slightly wider tires on the back. There is NO REASON AT ALL why you cannot put the same 225/45-17 on all four positions, just like the Luxury model. I do this every winter when I use winter tires all the same size. I don't know if the wider tires will fit up front, as I have not tried and there is no reason to do so. You need a different tire store.
    redfox302 ·
    Hi Sportstick,
    Yes, I'm aware of the Lux and Sport.
    But the OEM size in the Ffront is 225/45-17, it is smaller then the Rear.

    I was Not "Guaranteed" by going bigger in the Front will NOT rub or Fit. What the heck??

    Will running bigger size (245/40-17) in the front works?
    redfox302 ·
    Thank you very much. I've received the wheels yesterday and went shopping for tires at BJ's. I was took that I can't have all four tires down graded to 225/45-17. But it's okay to up all four to 245/40-17. Can you confirm if this is true?
    I'm so frustrated with these matter, Hope I don't brother you with this. Thank you for help.
    redfox302 ·
    Thanks You. Finally, I got a response. The 2nd email was from Vassili.
    I have selected the AMG 818 style with the 17" diameter, but he said in the email that my is 17x8 42mm. However, their website listed 17x8 45mm offset. I'm not sure if this is even right? What is your set up on, if you dont mind me asking. Thank you.
    redfox302 ·
    Hi Sportstick,
    I saw your car posting at the link you sent (powerwheelspro). I've contacted them since last week and I haven't got any reply. Do you mind sharing with me who was your contact person there? I admired the AMG Style 818-45mm.

    Thank you.
    ratiu_john ·
    I found a gear stick if you are interested but is for automatic gearbox:
    Mercedes Schaltknauf Gearknob W204 C-Klasse W212 E-Klas | eBay
    Sportstick ·
    Sorry for the delay in answering...spent a day reformatting PC after a virus seems to have come through another forum!! Anyway, I had to wait a few weeks for the flaps, as they were changing the mold to make a better fit. But, I have been very satisfied with the part...does a very good job shielding the area behind each flap from blowback. Fit is pretty good, but I would use urethane to hold it flush against body...slight gaps in moderately flexible material.
    derSpeed ·
    Hey there: How long did it take for your mud flaps to arrive? I am tired of cleaning tar off of my rockers and rear bumper area (which is covered in paint protection film). Thanks.

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