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  • Chadahar ·
    You lucky Duck! You have a sought after 500SE.
    Here is your EPC Data Card on your car with my notes in ( ).

    Model : 500SE

    Your datacard
    My notes in ( )

    Order Number: 00 211 00460
    ( Note 211 = Baden Baden Branch where first sold)

    Paint Code: 172 Anthracite Grey Metallic
    Equipment: 234 (interior Leather, Saffron)

    SA Codes: (options)
    172 (see Paint Code)
    234A (see Equipment Code}

    266 Installation Kit for Tekade Car Phone

    504 Electrically operated right outside Rear View Mirror

    551 Anti-Theft warning system

    583 Electric front window lifts

    640 Aluminum disc wheels with radial tires

    673 High Capicity Battery

    682 Fire Extinguisher (usually mounted to driver seat, but commonly removed at DOT federalization)

    870 Electric seat heater for left front seat (never saw this option for only one front seat).
    borderunner ·
    Hey, I need to replace the hatch struts on my 95 E320 wagon or buy a helmet. You said you had somebody on ebay that has a set for $40.00, I need them. hook me up

    Thank you
    CHBinAsheville ·
    How goes it? I have a 1992 400E that I need to clean out the EGR and was wondering if you know of a video that shows it. Yours is great. I just replaced my wiring harness, full tune up. I think the cats are blocked, it has 216k on it. I also can't figure out how to get the ETA off. It looks like it is under the throttle body.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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