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  1. Heavy rainstorm reset clocks, dates, trip computer

    W211 E-Class
    No not normal at all. Appears that something got wet and/or fried. If you reset everything and its ok you are lucky. If not the dealer is your best bet.
  2. Need help on 2006 ML500 driver window.

    W164 M-Class
    Could be the motor or even something binding within the door. Open up the door and have a look if you are mechanically inclined. If not take it to the dealer or indy
  3. Old Motor Oil

    W164 M-Class
    Not a good idea. It has contaminents in it and possble metal fragments. You would just be putting them back in the motor. I would get to the store by using some other vehicle, then buy the new oil and put it in.
  4. Rear A/C 2006 ML350

    W164 M-Class
    I have noticed that when I had my 06 ML500 and with my current 10 ML550 the rear off light is on when the outside ambient temps are very high. I can over ride this by pushing the rear off button to allow cool air to the rear. If I do not manually over ride the off it will revert back to the...
  5. My ML350 got rear ended...anyone else too?

    W166 M-Class / GLE-Class
    Some years ago I was rear ended in a situation similar to yours. In my case it was a woman who held a restricted license. This means hers had been suspended and she was only allowed to drive to and from work. She was not doing this when she hit me. She carried only the minimum amount of...
  6. Tire Pressures and TPMS

    W164 M-Class
    Not so!! On my 06 the valve stems were normal stems and not the pressure gage stems I have on my 10. Don't really know about the legalities but any 06 ML (mine was a 500) has the rotation counting type of TPMS. The scanner you mentioned will not show the pressures as there is no sensor to...
  7. Tire Pressures and TPMS

    W164 M-Class
    The earlier W164's do not show pressure on the TPMS screen. This is due to the fact that the sensors are not pressure sensors but count wheel revolutions compared to the other tires. My 06 was this way but my 10 ML550 does show pressues and is in fact a true TPMS system.
  8. Help needed! ML 2006

    W164 M-Class
    Don't understand? You don't want anyone to experment with your car yet you refuse to take it to the people that know all about it, are trained on it and have all the special equipment required to fix it. Maybe some mysterious person will appear out of the blue with all the correct parts to put...
  9. Key fob battery replacement

    W212 E-Class
    The batteries in my E last anywhere from 6 mos to a year. Its a real pain to have to run out to get batteries when the warning occurrs. My ML550 also has keyless go and I am on my 3rd year with the original batteries. The difference is the E has only one battery in the key and the ML has 2. The...
  10. 2009 ML window sync

    W164 M-Class
    There is no "click" that I am aware of
  11. Not even 30k miles...

    W164 M-Class
    Did you measure the rotor thickness or just decide you were not going to do it even if they need to be changed??
  12. K & N filter installed 20% drop in fuel economy

    W164 M-Class
    A drop in fuel economy is only the beginning of your problems. You will be changing your MAF more often and you will see no gain in performance at all. Its "snake oil" Much better to use the oem air filter
  13. 2012 E350 Convertible 3.5L V6 Bluetec Engine Ticking

    W212 E-Class
    OK, now is the time to tell them that you do not want a car with a replaced engine and want a new car. See what the response is and go from there
  14. 2012 E350 Convertible 3.5L V6 Bluetec Engine Ticking

    W212 E-Class
    Doubt if they will give you a new car. Depending what the problem is they will likely repair it or worst case replace the engine. I do hope they have given you a loaner thats acceptable to you.
  15. My Garage

    W212 E-Class
    Far from what it used to be!! Glad I was finished before lots of this crap started.I also had a corporate aircraft sales business. Bought/refurbed and sold. Was nice to always have an aircraft available for personal use plus the fact that it was very profitable.