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  • mb380sldms ·

    I followed your thread when you parted out your 560SL. I have a lead on a 560SL down near my home that has be rear ended and is sitting at a pawn shop. Accroding to him it still runs fine (not confirmed by me) but just the rear end is banged up enough that it was totalled and he bought it from the woman who owned it. (I know its a pawn shop and the story may be totally bogus). Anyway - assuming the front 7/8 of the car is in good shape, it runs and all the normal stuff works and assuming I have the time and place to part it out (which I do) what do you figure it might be worth to buy it and part it out. I have a 380SL that I a few parts will fit (interior fan, wheels, etc) and could use those and part out the rest. I know without seeing it you can't make a good judgement but I figure you know more than anyone else on here about parting out a 560SL. Thanks and if you want to call me to discuss rather than email you can do so at 843-379-8268 Thanks a bunch. Dan
    bighart ·
    Senility setting in again;I didn't follow the link.Anyhoo;am at the corner of Swamp Fox and Sand Dollar in Carolina Shores.This was to be our "retirement cottage" but with the wifes passing this past March,have had to regroup.Try to get down at least one week out of the month,if possible.
    chilidoug ·
    you have a post about wheel bearings but the page comes up with an error. can you provide me the info on the threads? I am looking to see first how to tell if my bearings are bad and then if or how to replacement them myself.
    Sharkie ·
    Where is the diagnostic connector on the 560SL? There is a round capped 9 pin connect over the wheel well driver's side. But that seems to be for timing purposes. The trouble shooting port is not so obvious or non-existent in this Australian ver. 560SL.
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