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  1. Need help running "parking sensor" cables into cab

    C218 CLS-Class
    I'm having a hard time finding a hole I can access in the firewall to run 3 "parking sensor" cables from the front grill into the cab of the car. Does anyone know if there is a hole that can be used or will I have to take off the splash cover under the car to find a hole in the floor pan?
  2. 2014 CLS550 Rear Sunshade Partially Stuck

    C218 CLS-Class
    Mine does the same thing. Did you already try fixing it yourself? I may pull mine our this weekend if time permits to give a shot at fixing it.
  3. Easy howto video CLS63 side marker swap.

    C218 CLS-Class
    I didn't find a good video on replacing the sidemarker lamps so I shot a video after doing one side to show how easy it is to do. Hope this helps reduce some anxiety for anyone planning to do this. I really didn't like the orange markers. I got a pair of smoke color from eBay with LED lights...
  4. What are "safe" parameters for torque in tune?

    C218 CLS-Class
    I'm new to MB coming from a tuned BMW M235i. Got a 2012 CLS63 AMG this week. It is an awesome looking car but it is HUGE and I think its mass creates its own gravitational pull bending walls inward as I try to make it through narrow drive-in lanes. And that exhaust sound - it is so addicting! I...