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  1. OEM radio and Bluetooth

    R129 SL-Class
    Is the electrical system the same on the '91 and '99?
  2. OEM radio and Bluetooth

    R129 SL-Class
    Are you able to stream music via bluetooth? What are you using for a mic? And how do you know that the buttons are cheap. Thx.
  3. OEM radio and Bluetooth

    R129 SL-Class
    So I've gotten 2 different answers on installing the Continental TR7412UB-OR - in my 99 SL500. The people at ECS Tuning tell me it's not compatible, but the folks at tell me it will work, with a inexpensive adapter. The radio is only 100 euros, which is much less expensive than...
  4. Parking on the Grass

    General Mercedes-Benz
    I have a car that I need to park on the grass as my garage is full. I only use it once a week and want to know if I'm doing any harm by parking on the grass. Will moisture on the underside be a problem for the chassis or brakes? It's a 1999 so it's fully rustproofed. Thx.