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  • cruze_99 ·
    if not just saw your post that happend to me dont know the name but it isnt cheap if you look on top of your filter box in the back there is a wire running on top it looks thick but there are multiple wires inside you have to replace that sensor use to power wash my engine and the end that goes on the engine had gotten water in it burnt up
    zeaq ·
    Hello Seria- I didn't see your message- The Eha valve takes an hour to replace- No more leak. but I have to change the distributor Cap & rotor soon because if the car is sitting longer than 3 days- It will have a rough start.

    yes from Kb too... Also have the W140, E36, Porsche 928, Sigma.

    The 928- Will need to solve the hard start(Have to press the gas pedal then can start) & unstable idle for few seconds . Suspected airflow( MAF) or fuel pump or Vacuum leak.
    Once the 928 is started & the idle is stable- the car will drive beautifully on highway & traffic.
    Seria ·
    I read that you have problem with your R129 fuel leak at Fuel Distributor and or EHA. How's the repair going? Don't throw your broken EHA away. I don't mind to keep it if you are throwing it away.
    Seria ·
    Well, For benz R129, W140, W124. For Porsche 964 and 993.
    Yes, I am from KB. How about you?
    I seldom send my cars to mechanics. I never send to agent either.
    Oh yes, Rover mini as well. Plus japanese cars.
    zeaq ·
    I see. What Benz? R129 SL & W140 S class? Nice. Are you from KB area? Nice to see. What Porsche do you own. Forum is sometimes helpful as you know the problem & mechanics won't able to trick you about.
    zeaq ·
    Hello Seria,

    just saw you from brunei.- I'm from here too. Good to see another brunei member here :)
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