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  • SECrider ·

    Thank you for responding. I paid $2500 for the set I just bought from Germany. They were just delivered yesterday. It looks like your wide body conversion is complete other than paint. Was the wide body conversion your project or was it done by a former owner? I just bought the body kit to do the conversion. I probably wont be able to start the body work until the finances recover somewhat, maybe next spring. Nice to see those wheels on your car. I bet you get a ton of complements on them. The wheels I bought are 9" wide on the front and 12" on the rear. I'm currenly running 8" on the frong and 9" on the rear. It should be a perfect setup for the wide body. I would like to see photos of your progress on that AMG Hammer project.
    Don Bayless
    RBYCC ·
    Hi Don

    The 3 piece OZ/AMG rims currently go for about $2500.00 per set refinished.
    New they were about that much each !!!

    They are the correct wheel for the 126 widebody if they are 8.5x17 et18 front and 8x10 et17 rear.

    I'm using them on a C124 widebody build and use a modified rear with a negative 7 et.

    I hope this helps

    Ed A.
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