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  • drembedded ·

    I'm building a winch mount for a warren series 18 for my 1250. Got some questions that I think you may have already answered for your install.

    From the pictures I've seen I believe that the winch on your 1200 was the same winch, correct? If so do you recall where you got the hydraulic fittings for the winch as well as the quick disconnects? The warn manual identifies the hydraulic ports as SAE 7/8-14 o-ring. Is the quick disconnects a standard size?

    Also, I need to clock the side with the clutch by 90 degrees because the in/out handle is in the wrong place. Did you have to clock your winch? If so, any suggestions?

    Last question... the roller fairleed, I didn't get one with the winch. On the series 18 the fairleed os an oddball at 10" bolt hole to bolt hole. Did your winch come with the fairleed or did you purchase one afterwards? If afterwards did you get the one from warn ($200+ ouch) or did you find a cheaper alternative?

    Appreciate you help.

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