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  • SDLCrazier ·
    hi mike, congratulations to your new sdl. yes it is one of most elegant cars in modern days. no matter how old it is, the style is unparalell. Enjoy it!!
    My wife liked better the business look of the 1992 W140. But I love the SDL. Anyways, if I'll have the money, garage, and I'll get in the future an W140, I'll never sell this SDL.
    What a beauty....
    Hi SDLCrazier.
    I have bought this SDL here in Norway. It was a fight in me for about 4-5 months because I¨ve had the opportunity to buy an 1992 W140 3.2L gasoline for a lot cheaper , garaged, 153.000km. BUT : I have decided to go for the 1987 SDL because many here said that it is a lot cheaper to manintain and it is more problem-free that the 1992 W140. I love this car, especially because it is made for the US marked. The lights and bumpers are killer, adn the overall look of this limousine it is just incredible. Not many people would ,, understand'' this car. My wife when saw it , started singing to me the main theme from the DALLAS tv serie, and she said : ,, anyway... you will be the driver , not me...''. YOU HAVE LINK HERE OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF MY CAR :
    Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse 300 SDL Turbo 1987, 160*000 km, kr 99*585,-
    what do you think? THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! Have a great day, best regs, Mike, Oslo, Norway.
    SDLCrazier ·
    tony, it has been a long time, i think the top line from left p1 and p2. the sound quality isn't good though. recommend to use a noise suppressed fm transmitter, which has better sound.
    tonix77 ·
    Saw your old post about mp3 mod for old becker radio.
    I'm trying to do the samt thing myself and it would be really helpful if you could share the pinout and how you connected yours.


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