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  • jschreib ·
    Yo Scott, I have some brake issues on my 380 SL might there be some time in the near future when we can talk over the phone.

    Best to you!

    Jon Schreiber 626 755 7235
    CA-280SL ·
    Hey buddy, whats happening with u. Havent seen u on the forum lately. You must be working ur ass off.
    Are u up to another GTG this summer ? What date would be good for u
    Luigical ·
    You seem to be the man when it comes to A/C. I have a 78 450SL that has already been converted to 134 (a?) and I need to recharge it. I have a recharge kit that I use for my other cars (it works very well!) and would like to use the kit for my MB. The problem is that the charging "nipple" for the MB is incorrect (for obvious reasons). My question is, does someone make an adaptor for conversion from "screw-in" (on MB) to "push-in" (A/C recharge kit) "nipple"?
    OBJones ·
    I'm looking to 'tighten up' my 1987 560SL and would like to get your advice:
    1. After reading your post, it seems reasonable to assume I can do most of it myself - except pressing some of the Ball Joints and maybe the tie rods - no?

    2. Do you have any recommendations for a good supplier of the parts?

    3. Any recommendations on sources of 'good ideas' and 'tips/tricks' when doing this rebuild?

    Lance - in San Diego
    mgardner2366 ·
    I purchased replacement wheels ... so I will have the four original wheels from my 1987 300SL and lug nuts/bolts to sell at the end of the week. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are interested, my name is Michael and my telephone number is (415) 824-7729 Ext. 15 (days) and my e-mail is [email protected] .... take care, Michael
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