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  • LogicalPosition ·
    I see you are in San Diego. I passed on a cream puff on Ebay this week, you may want to investigate.
    Mercedes Benz C Class C 230 | eBay
    I talked with the kid, it's an auction car that he bought, not knowing it had a bad head gasket and chocolate milk in the oil. He's in it for $1200, refused $1000 from a dealer, but I know he's desperate. I offered him $700. It was from Beverly hills, looks fantastic, and if it weren't for the $1000 tow to W Pa, I would have been all over this. 98 C230, 186k on the clock, blue with tan insides, looked extremely clean. Let me know if you pursue this.
    kevinv65 ·
    computer skillls just developing please bear w/me a couple of simple questions if the balancer is set at o/o and the only single reference on cam line up from what i read everything should be good to go - anyidea why the rotor doesnt point @ #1 oncap and is that accurate info ?
    again thanks for the time and effort --
    i trolled on site for quite a while before working up nerve to buy a used 124 -had a 123 diesel wagon for 12 yrs acquired when my son was born a great car but that was 23 years ago
    your obvious skill and profeceincy w/ this model and a few others here willingness to help each other was the deciding factor- look forward to being a hopefuly helpful member of a bunch of like minded people
    sbaert ·
    Zeitgeist was not informed when I sold the harness not too long ago, hence his assumption I still had one for sale. Regardless, it would have been futile as the used harness turned out to be useless to the new buyer. I assume the harness continued to deteriorate even though it was sitting in the original box in storage for the past 4 years.
    Rudolf Diesel ·
    Hi sbaert,
    I've been reading some posts and wondering if you have repaired/rewired the glow plug harness on a 95 E300D? Mine is very brittle and in need of new wires. If you have done this please let me know what kind of wire you used, gauge etc... If you remember. Thanks
    Mercedes Mike ·
    That is what I was thinking, The cluster may indeed become favorable to collectors but, AMG and Hammer parts and equipment are far more marketable and fun so to speak.

    humblejoe ·
    Thanks for the quick response. The car I'm looking at looks great, so just want to make sure I'm prepared for when I check it out in a few days. previous owner was MB tech, and said he has pile of docs covering maintenance. He was also a factory specialist for the trans, so I'm very happy about that
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