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  • quality auto ·
    hello, I am a looking to for a wire schematic for a 1995 G320 with an m104 3.2L engine. I see you seem to have lots of info in other posts and am hoping you may be able to help me find a diagram or point me in a direction. thanks for yor time.
    13sport ·
    Hi very interested in the seats, I've also sent u email. Have u got s contact number so we can try and sortsomething out thanks Jon
    adamwayman ·
    Part 2:
    Used jumper cables to get the van in to neutral (automatic wont shift without power!) so we could tow it to a warm garage.

    A day latter, with a fully charged battery. Changed the fuel filter.
    Hey presto. Thing started first time and everything worked great.
    (I think the problem was that a small amounts of water in the fuel filter had iced up around the metal sensors in the filter, and that was telling the engine to not start.

    Everything worked great........for the first 300 metres, after which the ABS and ESP lamps come on.
    The strange thing is, that the ABS and ESP works fine the first 300m but not once the lights come on. And the ASR (rear wheel spin correction) works fine until the lamps come on then that stops working aswell.

    Very frustrating.

    I know its allot to take in, but the only thing I can think happened is that something went wrong with the electrics when they started freaking out.
    adamwayman ·
    Hi there. I've read a few posts of yours and you seem like the right man to ask.....please help. This is a bit of a long description of what happened but but so many things might have caused this problem, you need to know everything.

    Driving my Vito around Sweden before Christmas......everything was fine and the van worked like a dream.
    Van was parked outside for 4 weeks while on holiday, and during those four weeks the weather got really cold, going as low as -35 Celsius!
    Got back from holiday to start the van and a plethora of problems started.

    On first attempt to start (plugged engine warmer in a few hours first) the dash beeped loudly and the "water in fuel filter" lamp came on. Tried this a few more times and the same thing happened, but the battery started getting weak and the electrics started freaking out a bit to the point that when you turned the key it did nothing (no lamps on dash). to be continued...
    inderpal123 ·
    hi sarge 786, i jst wondering if you do the dynostics check on vitos. if so how much do you charge? im based in west london, 10 mins away from heathrow. i have listed all the details of the problem on the v class forum under VITO acceleration problem. i jst want to get this problem sorted out because i need the van back on the road, thanks
    Sarge786 ·
    Hi Rob, Sorry didn't quite understand, So your saying your car only has reverse? Well if this is the case then you will need to get someone to connect up diagnosis software and see what the trouble codes are. But are you sure you don't have 1st gear even if it 'kicks hard' into gear when you select it?

    Also PM me as opposed to visitor message as otherwise I don't get notification that there's a message waiting ;)

    vito downunder ·
    hello sarge dont know if you can held i have a 1999 113 petrol auto the auto malfution light is on i only have reverse and i think 3 has been jumped started how do you reset if possible or what would you check rob vito dowenunder
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