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  • Kris Swede ·
    Hello there!

    I read a post in this forum where you graciously offered another gentleman to assist in getting an image for use with a C3. I'm in the process of getting a C3 from a lady called Eva at i believe Auto OBD Diagnostics in China, also from a recommendation here.

    I have found an image online already(2014.1) and will start tinkering with that first.

    What i really want though is an older DAS, i've read that the older versions, such as 2008, are more powerful in their abilities than newer Xentry versions, even assuming developer mode on both.

    My car is a 11.2005 E220 CDI Estate(211.206), and my local reputable indie shop charges 80Euros(!) just to scan the car. :/ I was given a quote from China at 250$ for just the Mux, and found a few Dell d630s on our equivalent to craigslist for 60$.

    I would love to hear your thoughts, especially regarding the elusive older versions of DAS.

    whiskey ·
    I read on this forum that purchased a Star DAS C3 package. I just bought one but the seller didn't incl. Software and now wants to charge extra for it. Can you sell me a copy of yours if possible?

    I live in the US (Maryland 20744) and would certainly pay for shipping or I could have you post to a cloud service if that's easier?
    elbeik ·
    Hello Salman,

    I haven't checked the used car market in Jeddah. I'm sure there are some interesting vintage Mercedes around. Actually saw a couple of w126.

    There are opportunities to grab on more modern models at the dealer.

    V12_LOVER ·
    Hi salman,

    I know the seats have the same size but I mean the seat look... S600 or s500,

    بالعربي انت تبي شكل مراتب ال ٦٠٠ والا العادي اللي تجئ لا ٥٠٠ و ال ٣٢٠

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