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  • Kingsbury ·
    Hi Rodney !

    Thanks for you response the other day about a/c ... You seem to have a lot of knowledge on the W203 and others ... Now my question is I have a chance to put hand on a 2001 C240 4Matic w/ 190 000 km (118 000 miles) going for test drive tomorrow...and then will have it inspected by a Mercedes Dealer (150 points inspection for about $200) ... Any advice on test drive or things to look for that someone might overlooked .... The MAF doesn't scare me, it's the transmission that I'm always afraid of (bad past experience) ... Any advice will be greatly appreciated ...Thank you (Merci) Have a great day !! Marc
    rudeney ·
    Azon, are you looking at a W163? If so, it used the M112/M113 engines so no balance shaft issues. The W164 used M272/M273 engines so check them up through MY2007.

    On the W163, look out for problems with the transfer case.

    The 722.6 transmissions are fine as long as they get serviced. I'd do it every 30K-40K miles.

    Later W164's (MY2006) had the 722.9 transmission which tended to be more problematic early on, until around MY2009.

    I can't think of anything else to worry about on a W163 or even a W164, except the typical stuff that would affect any older MBZ. I would encourage you to visit the forums for these and read what others are working on. It's been 7 years since I sold my ML320!
    azon21 ·
    Hey Rodney,

    Looking to buy an older M class and wanted you opinion on what I should be looking for based on transmission, engine and other mechanical related issues where something like the famous balance shaft issue on the m272's. What is the life expectancy in terms of mileage and other things related? Is there anything I should avoid or maybe perhaps a different class suv in the older models?
    rudeney ·
    Ryan, sorry, I don't know much about the itronic. As I recall, this was the unit sold by Cartronics. If so, I know Cartronics did not make it - they just resold other company's stuff. You might see if you can find other part numbers or markings that will lead you to the OEM and see if they have any ideas.
    ryanmoney ·

    I have a 2007 C230 and bought an itronic black bt several year ago. My problem is now I have an iphone 4s and it will not pair with the itronic. Do you have any info on the itronic or know where I can get support? Any info would be appreciated.

    autoworrks320 ·
    can you please advise if the following 2007 vin falls into the range of engines with possible balance shaft problems: wdbrf92j76f815929
    superstarks01 ·
    Hey Rudeney, Still interested it starting that Benz car club here in Birmingham. I get this bug every spring. Especially CLK owners which I have seen quite a few since getting mine last year. Whenever you are free we should chat...
    onsuzasla ·
    Hello Rudeney,
    This is Alex i just read your comment about remote control locking and radio signal problem i got the same problem with my MB C240, is there any cheapest way to solve this problem?.
    JacobMartens ·
    Hey Rudeney. My name is Jacob Martens. I see you post a lot of valuable information for other members and I think that is excellent. Could you check my vin # of my 07 c230 to see if it is in the affected range for balance shaft issues? How will I know if I am having a problem?
    martingclk ·
    Hi Rudeney, This is really your Forte¬, i dont know how you manage to recall this stuff so quickly, but anyway, Massivv respecc to the Man dat knows, - with a long weekend looming - im gonna get panels shifting all over the place, thank you so much - just out of curio? is it possible to re-tune an old (analogue system) bearing in mind the uk has now gone digital !! or do you think i'll need to buy a digi tuner to add ??thanks
    Grant8311 ·
    Sorry, I noticed you helped another member figure it out with the vin of the car. I tried to use the russian web link that i saw on many of the forums and I have had no luck.
    Grant8311 ·
    Hi rudeney, I'm looking to purchase a CPO c350 in the coming week or so, and I am concerned about the balancer shaft sprocket issue that are found on the m272 engines. I was wondering if you would be able to run a couple of vin numbers for me to if these were affected? Local dealer has not been too helpful in this aspect since they are the ones selling the car. So far the two I am very interested in are 2009 models (12/08 build), and one of them I am unsure of the build date. Please let me know, if you can help, thank you!
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