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  • rudeney ·
    Are you getting any error codes, or just a noise? Changing the adjusters is a major job on that engine. I doubt it's the chain adjuster (i.e. tensioner) as it is fixed, and if it broke, it would rattle continuously. The magnets (i.e. solenoids) won't cause any noise - they are just stationary magnets. It's the adjusters that actually move and do the work. If you have no errors, I would suspect something else - adjuster problems should throw errors.
    petermack ·
    Hi Rodney!

    I saw a great posts from you and ask you directly...
    I have a 2012 E 250 CGI Convertible. WDD2074472F088672 (Daimler AG e1*2001/116*0502) 40.000 km

    When I start ( especialle when cold) I have a starnge rattling noise for a few seconds. Benz service stated, we have to change the Camshaft adjusters, Pos 132 and 135 on the parts list.

    I am a bit scared that this might be wrong , as there is also the chain adjusters or the magnets might cause the problem...

    Thanks a lot for answering!

    PS... I am in Thailand- the guys here seem to have no clue ...:)

    Best regards
    rudeney ·
    I think that VIN is "WDBRF52H47F917504". If so, it has M272 engine #574882, which is beyond the problem range.
    cglzcglz ·
    Can you tell me if VIN No. WDBF52H47F917504 has an engine affected by the balance shaft problem? Grandson is looking at this for his first car (108k) and I don't want him to end up with a $5k repair.
    dgrip ·
    Hi Rudeney new to the site, your very knowledgeable, perhaps you can tell me how to reset the maintenance service indicator on 2007 c230, service performed by non Mercedes automotive but did not reset, thanks in advance
    Foamy ·
    Hi Rodney,
    This is Foamy, thank you so much for your reply. I have looked at the steering unit all around and can't find any wires leading to a solenoid. Also, I was always under the impression that a fuse was either blown or not, never intermittent. Your take on it sounds most likely that it's the solenoid and not the rack given the mileage.
    Again, thanks!
    Brian McL ·
    Hi Rodney....can I ask you to decode this VIN so I can see if this car has the troubled balancing shaft. It's a 2008 C300
    fld ·
    Rudeney, you've been helpful on a few of my posts. Can you recommend a good MB parts online shop?
    PShovel ·
    I am looking purchase a 2006 C230 with VIN#: WDBRF52H76A869833. Vehicle has 69K miles and oil leaking from rear passenger side of engine. Told it was two (2) small gaskets that can be replaced for $300-$500. Dripping onto converter causing smoke and smell issues. Also sunroof opens fine but does not close smoothly. Any advice and/or direction is greatly appreciated.....
    gpfont ·
    Hi! I am a new member and would appreciate if you check for me if the vin no. AFP25156G131837 for my 2007 C230 is affected! Thanks
    rudeney ·
    Do you have WIS or official service manual on disc sold by MBZ? The official service manual doesn't have the WIS documents. If you are using WIS, there is a field labelled "Direct search by document number" and that's where you enter this document code, then click the "2. Start search" button.
    Tink L'Ecuyer ·
    I using a MB Service Manual CD, but can't seem to figure how to search for a specific WIS: AR05.20-P-7295PK Replace Camshaft Solenoids.
    Do you have any insight?
    Joey M ·
    Rudeney! I was going to go back to a post you and I spoke about regarding the Star system. I just wanted to get your take before I pulled the trigger on it. The post you made was an individual's website selling the Chinese version of the system. I am just unsure of the reliability of the seller (more than the system itself). Ebay has some, but the link you had was less($300). Do you have any recommendations/suggestions? I'll be using a Dell 620 and just get the older SDS with the DB9 connection. Any update versions I should look out for? Anything like that?
    As always, thanks for your help.
    Prw240 ·
    Hello Rodney. I was wondering if you could maybe assist me based on some of your post. I am looking into an 2007 CLK with 37000 miles. After reading some of the cam shaft issue iam wondering if this car would fall into the problem engines. VIN WDBTK56F77T085913. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. Philippe
    Lou7777777 ·
    Rodney, do I feel like the fool or what. Turns out what sounds like a "crashing" from the rear was the inside, sliding, sun roof cover. Sort of like taking a large piece of flat sheet metal and "flopping" it...if you knw what I mean. Realized it when I had the sun roof window open, there were no more "crashing sounds. I wouldn't mind trying to put something on the backside to stop that, but I'm not sure what to put or how to get it to slide past the open window. Any ideas?

    Lou7777777 ·
    Rodney....I'm in search for some advice and from your posts you may have the answer. My MY2007, CLK550, hits a pothole with the passenger side rear wheel and I get a crashing sound like someone hit a big piece of sheet metal with their fist. Not the front wheels and not the drivers side rear wheel, only the passenger side rear wheel. It started a couple years ago and has just gotten worse. I replaced the rear shocks since one of them was leaking and it made a small difference. I have had the trunk stuff out, tightened all the accessible nuts by the rear electronics and in back of the felt siding, put down the rear seats and to no avail. I have not taken off the rear passenger side panel (mainly because I don't know how to get it off). I would appreciate any thoughts you might have on this.

    Lou Faulkner
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