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  • ronohlenkamp ·
    Thanks for the clarification on the what us Yanks call a "side marker light". I like the sound of "side repeater indicator" better, it adds definition to the object. The official Benz color is "Metallic Blue-Black", but I call it "Charcoal" 'cause that's what it looks like to me. Mclare is a company or a person? You wouldn't happen to know where I can find some MB sun shades or curtains for the back would you? I just had all of the windows tinted , but that would add a nice touch to the car. Thanks in advance,
    Later, Ron
    ianrandom ·
    Hey thanks. Not sure about the badge though. I think you must mean the side repeater indicator. European cars seem to have these while US cars dont. Apart from some people such as Mclare have retrofitted them.
    Yes i recommend the indicator lenses. What colour is you car? Ian.
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