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  • roncallo ·
    Unless its dripping on the floor don't worry about the diff. Just change fluid with MB universal Hypoid gear lube.
    rewillia ·
    You've been such a resource of info and so helpful, thought I'd pick your brain again. In part with my project (near complete now), I noticed a great deal of collected oil/dirt around my rear differential (car now as 142k miles) although I've had no signs of problem from the rear end. Q? - I plan to clean the area well and am wondering what I should contemplate - diff. gear oil change, vent filter cleaning, etc. - any suggestions, pre-cautions or pro-active maintenance other than mentioned I should consider?
    kenmyu ·
    Thank you Roncallo for sending e-mail and for inviting your forum.
    >Send me an E-mail
    I do not know how to send you e-mail with defending your privacy.

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