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  • josearey ·

    I found one post where you helped someone with an axle for a w126, could you please help me with mine, i have a 300se w126 87, i think what i need is 1263507110, would really appreciate if you could give me a hand with the part # and compatible part # thanks you.
    dlarson ·
    Thanks for the reply! I will have to wing it b/c I don't have a vac gauge. Modulator is good on the trans. There is a device I see labeled on some diagrams called a vacuum control valve. The top port goes to a green surge damper and then a wye with one leg to the tranny. The other leg goes to another wye with one end going to a port off a white check valve on the main vac line. The other leg was open and now has a plug. Shoud this go anywhere? The bottom port on the vacuum control valve goes nowhere. and has a wye on it also that is open on both ends. The diagram I saw shows one leg to a black tube that vents into the cabin and the other to the control box on the manifold (broken off ports on my benz). I think the shifting has to do with something not being hooked up right to control vacuum to trans when accelerating.

    Rmac58 ·
    Yes, counterclock wise. I backed both of mine out a number of turns.

    So, back it out some and test drive, adjust it till it shifts where you want it to.
    neosama ·
    hey man quick recently posted to "back off" the bowden a bit to make the tranny shift later...

    i'm taking that to mean turn it counterclockwise?

    is that correct?

    mine shifts just a bit too early now and i'd like it to shift a little later as i drive fairly aggressively...

    thanks in advance...
    Wupa ·
    Hi Rmac58,

    I took my 2005 ML 350 to an alignment shop, but they did not have the specs in their computer.

    Can you provide me with the alignment specs for this vehicle?

    Thanks much,

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