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  • ArcticDweller ·
    Hi Ray:

    Okay, the Carsoft 7.4 version I received is a true MPX Unit.

    However, the Seller doesn't understand, that in order for the MPX to work automatically, it needs 15 wires (not 3) in the 38-Pin to 15-Pin interface cable that plugs into the MPX.

    If you ever have a few minutes to determine which of the 15 PINs correspond to the following M-B PINs (in the 38-pin connector) I would be most grateful to you:

    1 Ground
    3 Voltage Battery 12v (+’ve Lead Power Supply)
    4 LH-SFI
    6 ABS / ASR
    7 EA/ISC/CC
    8 BM (Master ECU Controller)
    13 TNA-signal
    14 Lambda
    17 DI
    19 DM
    21 RST & RB
    23 ATA
    30 AB
    31 RCL

    I am going to have to wire up my own 38-pin to 15-pin (to MPX) interface cable. In order to solder the connections properly, I need to know which of the 38-Pins correspond to those in the 15-pin female plug.

    Thank you for considering this request from me, and May God Bless, Arctic.
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