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  • nivar ·
    Hi good day, I was wondering if you knew of a local pick a part, u pull n pay type of salvage yard in our area. I am new up here (Queens, moved from Florida) and looking for a few things (distributor condenser wire, icv, and some other things i cant remember right now).

    If you do know of any and can share that information with me I will appreciate it. I only found July Salvage on Denton St in Garden City and I have to go back there (time permitting) to check out a 420sel they have to see what can be used on my 85 380se.

    Thank you and have a great day.
    Jean7 ·
    Good Morning, DO you still have a central glove box with burl cover for Mercedes 560 SEC, ref126 680 23 52 KZ.
    I saw great photos of one but don't know if still available ?
    Or at least would you have a burl cover in very good condition
    Thank you for replying at : [email protected]
    Dean Gallman ·
    I have interior photos of my 84 500SEC mods by AMG but can't copy and past for some reason. Do you have an email address I can send to? Regards,
    sleepysan ·
    you made a recommendation for Gene's German Auto, can you tell me what work you had done there? i'm looking to do my engine mounts and tackle a bus can electrical problem. looking for a good shop in queens.
    Russo513 ·
    Hey interested in selling those 3pc amg wheels? please call me 516-661-6707, I am local and have cash in hand
    macdeity ·
    I'm selling a very rare Gen 1 SEC Euro front bumper complete with tow hook door. Needs paint $280 not including shipping, PM me if interested and we can work something out. Pictures are up in the for sale section.
    jwasnewski ·
    I am looking for a Lorinser front bumper/spoiler for a 84 SEC Euro type 126C. Any leads would be appreciated.
    I am on BlackBerry so please respond to [email protected] It is much easier for me.
    Leroy Eckert
    Dahlonega, GA
    Hi it is Bob Youngman... I am almost done with the 560SEC usa just looking for REcaro seats still.... but I came across this 1983 500sec euro... with some AMG parts... how can I tell if engine is hi performance? Can I email you some pix?
    Thanks, Bob
    Prochambers ·
    Hey Richard. Nice meeting and doing business with you today. Of course I ran into some more traffic coming back home. Got here about almost an hour ago. Please don't forget to send me the lug nut info if you have it. Thanks.
    48hp ·
    rjmburgess, would be great to see some more photos of your collection. also, i'm sure you have a contemporary photo of the coupe above! :)
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