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  • Ears ·
    I have written cricket and now you. It appears I have lost moderator privileges in 129 and 204; lost lifetime membership status, and even don't have premium status. At this point, I don't know what the status of my membership is, or my participation. At least at first, I still had moderator status and premium membership. After politely writing cricket, I've gone backward... Thanks for entertaining my post.
    RedLiner · ·
    Rory, my non- permissions and access are all over the place.
    These PMs were all unretrievable until now!!
    I can't do a damned thing to reinstate you as a mod, I'm as useful as a chocolate teapot.
    These Toronto clowns are running roughshod over everything and everybody.
    I'm not sure how much longer I can take this crap, which I think maybe their agenda to rid them of non-conformist local mods and admins?
    joandnoel ·
    Seems for me also to expensive to "import" a car in Spain, the older the are the cheaper it will be...
    Thanks to reply and see you in Galicia,
    victor62 ·
    Just a thought regarding a Sticky compiling DIY items. Perhaps entitiled HOW TO: DIY repairs e.g. test fuel pressure; test fuel pump; change filters; etc. And perhaps a Sticky wtih photos showing location(s) and names of components? I enjoy this forum, but thought a quick reference sticky on these items would help. Regards, victor62.
    Delibes ·
    Hello Redliner,
    I had a quick request: I am about to re-do my on-the-road gathering topic, so I need the old one gone. Would it be possible to entirely delete the topic I created, called "The Adventures of Newport the 300TD: Benzworld Edition"? I bowed to update it with re-posts, and I no longer see the point in doing that. :cool:

    I will replace it for a new one with constant updates on the places I go. The adventure should start in January, followed by a Route 66 drive to meet members on my way to Wichita. Great things are to come!

    Thanks a lot!
    -Miguel Delibes
    Barcelona, Spain
    mountie55 ·
    I have 4 weeks to sell my '93 SL 500. I'm moving to Florida and no place to keep it. Also ran out of time to cure the idle problem. A computer read-out points to the module but time / funds to fix it. It's the 2-tone Teal color. The hard top is good (just a little vinyl gluing at the edges)... The soft top is great & opens/closes just fine. New brakes all around. It has the engine harness, TB, water pump, had a tune-up just before I bought it 3 years ago.

    Interior is good (beige).. just the typical door panels & console switches need a little attention. 117,000 miles. The ASR & CEL lights are on.

    I wish I could post photos.... I want to actually sell it before December 1st!!!

    $4,500 makes it a great price and after getting the module etc., you still paid a good price.
    torchtamer57 ·
    Can you tell me where the soft top control module is located on my 1998 SL500.Read through forum and did search but keep getting older models. Thanks
    tricipiti ·
    Bueno muchas gracias otra vez Jaime.En Mercedes me dicen que esa radio no necesita codigo,y que no tienen ningun codigo asociado a mi coche ni a mi radio.
    A que te refieres con el codigo generico??sirve en todas las radios??
    esa pagina es de confianza ?
    gracias y un abrazo
    tricipiti ·
    Hola Jaime pues muchas gracias por contestarme
    Hoy fui a la casa MERCEDES con los papeles y me dicen que no tienen informacion de la radio,asi que me mandaron al servicio BECKER.y me dijeron que tenia que pagar 100 euros.No se si me quieren engañar por ser un chico muy joven.Ademas soy estudiante y no tengo tanto dinero.Por eso te envie el mensaje.Si pudieras darme el codigo me seria de gran ayuda.Un saludo amigo!
    tricipiti ·
    Hola.Me llamo Emilio soy Español,de zaragoza
    Soy nuevo en el foro.Soy un amante de los mercedes!!Lo que pasa que no domino el ingles,por eso no escribo.queria hacerte una consulta.Compre una radio becker y no puedo hacerla funcionar sin el codigo.Vi que tienes un generador de codigos,podrias obtener mi codigo?
    es una becker mexico 2000
    el codigo es de 4 digitos
    n serie es. B8215232
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