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  • camachman ·
    Thanks. Yesterday I pulled the lever for a minute and put it down, when I looked at the light it was finishing some blinking but I wasn't fast enough to count them. Then I repeated the process and the light went out. I thought, wow, it's fixed, but no, the light was out but 4 matic not working. After I restarted the car the light was on again. I tried moving the lever again but no codes. Also I cannot get any codes by jumping 5 and 1 again, nothing but steady light. I live and drive on snowy roads every day so I really like to fix this. Anyway I will put in the new OVP and used brain this Tuesday after I receive them and let you know the results. Appreciate the help.
    Redneck Benz ·
    I have an issue with my old girl, w124 300TE 4matic, and i saw you write that you had a paper that could help with bleeding it.. Do you still have that, and is it possible for you to send it to me? - Kurt Redneck Olsen-
    testcrash ·
    Thank you, I found a Mercedes mechanic here in TJ. He looked at the chain when he changed the valve cover gasket and the seal in front of the timing gear (the one behind the distributor). He said that because the oil was changed on a regular basis, the chain looks good and that I would know, because the engine would start to make noise before I need to change the timing chain. I have an oil leak from my transmission that no one can seem to fix. It is from behind the neutral safety switch. They replaced the seal on the on the gear selector rod and the seals on the side of the transmission and the oil pan. I can upload a picture of the place it leaks.
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