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  • project124 ·
    Hello, RBCYY. I think you have 18" AMG replica if I am not mistaken, I may go that route but I cant find any w124 with pictures of them. I know you have a few and I would appreciated if you could give me a link with pictures showing them. ( I just cant find the thread, I know there is one somewhere in the waste internet)
    And what are your though so far with the wheels?

    Sincerely yours!
    Kingsbury ·
    Hi ! I saw that you have posted a thread about adding a break light , I have a 300E 1987 4Matic.
    and would like to add another light. But I can't find the posting that you wrote..
    It should be in the sticky DIY thread ... :)) thank you in advance and Happy New Year
    s9345 ·
    hi, I'm Shin. I have a 300SEL (MY 1990) which is an US version.

    I've seen the Twin Turbocharger on your 300E, then I'm wondering if I could get the same kit. Is there any stock still now? And is the charger setting durable? I didn't know M103 has the potential power like that. I'll be looking forward your message, thank you.

    SECrider ·
    I noticed the original AMG wheels on your avitar photo. I just purchased a set and was interesting in talking to you about the wheels in the photo. Do you have those on a car you currently own? Do you have any information about what the original price was when they were maketed by AMG. I recently purchased a wide-body kit for my 500 SEC and purchased the wheels to go with the wide body conversion. I don't really know how rare they are, but I thought this may not be an opportunity that comes along every day. I just thought that if you own a set of these wheels you might be able to educate me.

    Thank you, Don Bayless
    altayib55 ·
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