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  • rlk ·
    Hi Raymond I saw a post by Oh Lord referring to a door switch adjustment/fix that you posted using a coin I have searched everywhere and cannot find it. I am having problems with my alarm going off randomly in my 2000 w210 4matic wagon If you can guide me I would appreciate it. Great forum and thanks for moderating its a thankless job. rosemary aka RLK
    raymond- ·
    NWFLA - no i don't and wont have time this week to meter the tail light board. i'm guessing it may be as simple as stepping on the brake pedal and meter for 12vdc...but that it reads 0vdc when foot is off the pedal. what do you think?
    NWFLA ·
    Raymond, do you recall were the stickie is for a 98 w210 E 320 rear brake light (socket re-wire procedure) showing where to solder the two wires to ?

    I know where on the socket to solder the two wires, but do not know where to solder the other ends to. There was a good stickie on the blog several months back, but i don't recall where. It had pictures showing where the black and red wires get soldered. If you could help, i would appreciate it, while trying not to get rear ended. Thanks.
    raymond- ·
    check youtube: YouTube - interior-Driver Side Dash
    view the other related dash disassembly videos from mbccmika if needed
    kennylty ·
    My W210 headlight adjustor knob fall inside the dashboard when I tried to turn it this morning. How can I fix it back? I cannot turn the know now as it is almost inside the dashboard.
    hcsoong ·
    Hi Raymond, could you direct me to a link or web page that has a list of component location in the trunk of a 2005 e55 amg with photos? Thank you in advance
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