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  • 220S ·

    Getting ready to pick up a new to me 93 300D 2.5. I just saw the photos of yours on the dolly. Any special per-cautions for the dolly?, drive shaft disconnect, like some automatics that will overheat if towed in neutral because of the trans fluid not circulating, etc... I've got to drive 180 miles, and don't want to risk it until I've completely checked out the car.
    Thanks in advance, Ed Hood
    zorecati ·
    Hey, I saw you glued the door panel bits back on and was curious what glue you used. I'll need to do the same to all my door panels when the car gets here.
    hophoop ·
    Hi, I saw you asked for my location. I live in baltimore and also work around the beltway dc area, river road etc. I see you have a selection of simular cars to mine so I thought i would follow up. thanks mark
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