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  • 300E91 ·
    Whenever I link to 124zone I make reference to "another users of this site." Is there something else that you might prefer, maybe more direct? You've got a great site.
    300E91 ·
    Zonealarm just popped a warning when I went to your w124 site to look for a link for another user here. I'm guessing that there's a way to validate your site and avoid this warning.

    It's a great resource and a shame if the warning scares some users away.
    pcreteau ·
    As you have experience taking out the gas tank from your 300TE, could you tell me if there is an access panel above the tank in the cargo compartment that will allow disconnecting of the fuel level sending device or any additional attachment fittings? If so, how do you get to it? What must be taken out of the compartment to get to it? I have an 89 300TE and am having difficulty getting the tank out. I must be missing something. Thanks so much for your thoughts.
    fstbkcuda ·
    I have a climate control question/issue for you. I have a 1991 300E and the climate control does what it wants. The thumb wheel is set to cold and I get heat out the defrost and right and left vents, sometimes if I'm on the expressway the heat will let off and I will get air consistent to what temperature I have it set at. I have replaced to mono valve and the car has been converted from R12, would replacing the CCU be of any help or just and excuse to spend $400? Any help would be appreciated as it's starting to get warm and it really sucks driving around with the heat stuck on
    white300ce ·
    I was wondering if you could help me.
    i have searched for hours and i know you are quite good at mechanical issues.
    My car a 300ce 12v M103 - recently I ran out of fuel (stupid!!) - upon start it made a bang from somewhere under exhaust. Anyway it ran okay for about a day or two.
    it basically cuts out after about 10 minutes like it is running out of petrol . it runs fine when cold though. if I am on the motorway for instance and i put my foot down a little it wont accelerate it will start deceleratating.
    I have had the fuel pump relay changed. the air sensor and the temp sensor .
    Can you advise what it could be.
    Thanks ;)
    garrettt3 ·
    Hey ps2cho I was hoping you could give me some advice on my transmission issue. I got a 300e 4matic with a blown motor at 124k. I got a replacement engine that has only 54K!! The problem is when engine blew the car would not go into reverse untill warm. Well i have the trans out to inspect the b3 disks and all as you recommended before. But I noticed the transmission oil is severly discolored and smells burnt. Should I even bother just fixing the b3 and reseal the pump or should I go another route? not looking to spend money on a complete rebuilt and am weary of taking my chances with a used trans as they all have about the same miles 100k+.
    ps2cho ·
    Go check out Atwood European off 7th street. The owner seems a nice guy and he personally has a nice CE with a 3.6L engine swap in it. Pretty cool.

    Atwood European
    Campo09 ·
    Hey man i live in phoenix and was wondering if you can recomend a mechanic and window tint specialist?
    Vlad-W124 ·
    Hey man, Do you know if I can put fog lights in the bottom of the bumber like yours on my car : It is 1995 E320.. ?
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