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  1. R129 Expansion Tank/Coolant Reservoir tank update?

    R129 SL-Class
    As mentioned in the thread it needs to be capped off. Heres a youtube video guide.
  2. Mosselman Turbo M104

    R129 SL-Class
    Thank you Bill! Appreciate that! I might have driven a bad example I'm probably wrong about my experience and need to give it another try. I will, however, say that I enjoy the sound that the I6 gives especially with an Eisenmann Race exhaust which is what I have. I bet that an Eisenmann m119...
  3. Mosselman Turbo M104

    R129 SL-Class
    I get a lot of people who talk about that. I drove a 500sl I didn't like it it wasn't a fun drive rather it was a smooth cruise nor was it that much faster than what I have. Finally to be more exact it piggybacks the EHA and allows more fuel for the more air. Now I will say that doing a custom...
  4. Mosselman Turbo M104

    R129 SL-Class
    Thank you! I will def update as I continue to work on it. Thanks for the interest!
  5. Mosselman Turbo M104

    R129 SL-Class
    Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll start looking for something like that. I'll also shoot an email to Mosselman on if they happen to know what supplier they had for that box or was it made in-house. If it was a parts bin item from a diesel truck or something that would be great to grab. I was...
  6. Mosselman Turbo M104

    R129 SL-Class
    Damn, I would have loved to get that airbox, because the original owner decided to opt to use a custom cold air type setup that honestly sucks in hot air. I'm going to do something different to prevent that but an airbox like that would have made my job easier and kept it more original.
  7. Mosselman Turbo M104

    R129 SL-Class
    Sometime in the spring when its a bit warmer and I have a break from the studies. The original owner to the red SL has done a lot of custom work so it was harder to remove then planned. Removed all of the parts of the red SL this past summer but ran out of time to finish it. Since my SL is my...
  8. Mosselman Turbo M104

    R129 SL-Class
    I ended up buying the red SL with the turbo kit. My friend wanted the red SL without the turbo so I removed the kit and he bought the SL, thanks everyone!
  9. VSS Speed Sensor Cable location

    R129 SL-Class
    You can fit it on the stock spot but I wanted it to be at the climate control spot but sadly it cannot be done. I would rather do a flip out at the stock spot so I can close it rather easily for access to the climate controls
  10. VSS Speed Sensor Cable location

    R129 SL-Class
    So sadly you can't swap the climate control with the radio because of lack of space in the climate control part. There's a metal bar and a vent vacuum module blocking enough space for a radio to fit. So I'm going to have to go with the single din flip out pioneer unit. I did find the cable it is...
  11. VSS Speed Sensor Cable location

    R129 SL-Class
    Doesn't hurt to try! Thanks for replying
  12. VSS Speed Sensor Cable location

    R129 SL-Class
    I found an operations manual for the becker 1480 and it says it has the speed dependent volume adjustment and I can't seem to find a wiring diagram that says which wire is the speed pulse wire. This model doesn't have a port for the speed pulse wire and according to the diagrams of the back of...
  13. VSS Speed Sensor Cable location

    R129 SL-Class
    I'm installing an iLX-F309 Alpine sat radio and swapping the radio with the climate control. I'm not sure if my car has the cable at the radio because it's the becker 1480 and not the becker that came in 1991-1993 models. I'm learning that it doesn't unless someone tells me otherwise but where...
  14. No AC at center vents

    R129 SL-Class
    There's a plastic vacuum distribution part in the computer area of the engine bay. I had a similar problem. Check for leaks there. I had one and I replaced the unit which had a crack on it and it solved my problem. I listened for a vacuum leak on the unit with the car on ignition 2 and not started.
  15. MO, St. Louis

    U.S. - Midwest
    I would never take it to autos of europe. They tried to charge me for parts that had already been replaced less than a month before they looked at it. Then I proved to Jeff that there's nothing wrong with those parts. So the owner Boras reluctantly reduced the cost on diagonosics but he still...