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  • darraghodonnell ·
    I have a constant roughness at idle for a long time M112943 engine. It is almost unnoticeable once the counter goes past 1500rpm. I have been trying for years without success to find the source. ie all filters maf harmonic balancer throttle body cleaned plugs etc etc all done, hot cold air cylinder tests done front and back mounts done..

    I was reading this great benzworld thread -
    If you don't mind my asking: What exactly were the symptoms? In desperation I am thinking of checking the vacum hose at the base of the you know of a clear DIY for removal of the intale manifold for my engine? I am a careful diy-er and have done things like replacing the valve cover gaskets and suchlike. I would rather not venture without a clear diy instructive.
    Thank you very much for reading,
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