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  1. Top and locks issue

    R230 SL-Class
    Did you ever find a solution to this? I have the same problem.
  2. How to Remove TELE-AID Module completely from W220 D2B optic-ring

    W220 S-Class
    Hi - I saw your thread on how to remove the Tele Aid module completely and found it very well written. Since you seem comfortable with the Command setup I thought you might be able to give me a little insight. I have a 2004 SL55 with the MOST setup. Last fall I hit a slight bump and I had my...
  3. Dumb question about consumer battery

    R230 SL-Class
    Thank you, that makes sense. There are holes at each end of the battery, but they appear to be sealed. Does the vent kit then actually perforate a thin layer at the back of the "hole"?
  4. Dumb question about consumer battery

    R230 SL-Class
    Yes, it is an AGM battery - But I don't see any provision for connecting to a vent.
  5. Dumb question about consumer battery

    R230 SL-Class
    I realized yesterday that I needed to replace my consumer battery in my SL 55. After browsing the forums I elected to buy an AGM Duralast battery that was in stock at Autozone. It is listed as an exact fit, but I'm suffering from a little confusion here. The OEM battery is vented and is listed...
  6. MN, New Ulm

    U.S. - Midwest
    Update Well, that didn't last long. Don't bother going to Royal Tire in New Ulm for Mercedes service anymore. They no longer have anyone there for Mercedes. On another note, I now own a Star C4 diagnostic system.....
  7. MN, New Ulm

    U.S. - Midwest
    I checked with DuFour Automotive; they have diagnostic tools but they do not have a STAR system. It looks like the Royal Tire shop in New Ulm is serious about buying one now. If they don't I'm going to buy one myself; it wouldn't take long to pay for itself and I wouldn't have to run to the...
  8. MN, New Ulm

    U.S. - Midwest
    Sorry, just saw your reply. No, they don't have a STAR system. I'm trying to find someone right now that has one closer. They are seriously considering getting one very soon.
  9. Need someone with a STAR system in MN

    R230 SL-Class
    I've been using an Indie in New Ulm, MN for service on my SL55. Very experienced with BMW and Mercedes, he just doesn't have a STAR setup. I recently had my Tele Aid system malfunction and we opted to buy a coupler and remove the Tele Aid from the system. He's done all of the work and we just...
  10. MN, New Ulm

    U.S. - Midwest
    Recently found out that Royal Tire in New Ulm has hired a German car technician. My brother took his SL 500 there and was quite pleased - he needed to have his wiring harness replaced. I took my SL55 there and I am very impressed with Jason's knowledge and attitude. I can highly recommend this...
  11. AMG wheel cracked

    R230 SL-Class
    How much are you asking for your wheels? Sent from Free App
  12. Service Schedule

    R230 SL-Class
    Thank you!
  13. Service Schedule

    R230 SL-Class
    Well, upon further review I'm finding that there is a separate booklet for AMG models and the SL 600. Anyone have a booklet for that application?
  14. Service Schedule

    R230 SL-Class
    Thank you, that is the information I was asking for. I've heard the different service points referred to as service A and service b, and I wanted verify what was included in each level of service so I know the right questions to ask when I visit the dealer.
  15. Service Schedule

    R230 SL-Class
    Hi Guys - I'm consider taking the plunge on a 2005 SL 55 (I've owned R129 series SL 500's for a while). I'm looking at one at a local MB dealer and I'm trying to verify whether all the required service has been kept up. I downloaded an Owners Manual from MB USA, but they don't have the typical...