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  • 560tuner ·
    Let me know if you and the car are now in SF. I live in the city and would be very appreciative to see such a beauty. Hope all is well.
    Ron Carter ·
    All I can say is "WOW"!!! Your car is incredible. I have an 86 560 also and I never thought it could look like yours does. How long have you been working on it. I just went thru the pictures. It was interesting to see how the car went thru the different progressions. Do you do a lot of the work yourself?
    560tuner ·
    Just saw the post with the resto-mod pics of your gar...holy smokes she is gorgeous, probably the best combo of upgrades/maintenance I have ever seen. Is this car in SF by any chance?
    Fwrend ·
    Hey Pearson, read your thread on steering wheels. If you decide to use the Nardi and would consider parting with the AMG, I'd be interested. Let me know. Blessings! Wren (fwrend)
    Pearson ·
    I bought the steering wheel from a small firm in Germany through Ebay Germany.
    I am in the process of completely redoing the interior, and I've purchased a smaller Nardi wheel that I hope to use. Depends on what I come up with for the column. If it all goes as planned, I'm going to sell my wheel. Let me know if you're interested.
    rewillia ·
    Pearson, Nice work!. I've got a 88 560SL Black/Palamino and am very curious to learn where you got your steering wheel and console/dash trim from (if you'd care to share).
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