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  • RobRocks ·
    I reside in CB but have a house in PDX. So I'm in PDX 3 day a week. I find myself in a hurry to get back to the coast. Mainly because there's NO stop Lights in town!!
    RobRocks ·
    Greetings fellow Oregonian!! My name is Rob and I Live in Cannon Beach/PDX. I have read some of your post (still have to finish all of them) about your BAS/ESP problem. Currently I'm having the same issue, so if I may ask, did you get it resolved and what did it take?
    bg36526 ·
    pdxgrease, you obviously are very exprerienced with this model MB Suv. Could you please respond to the following post I did earlier?

    I own a 2001 ML430 with 114000 miles. For months I have been loosing engine coolant very slowly causing the low water lamp to activate. Today I finally found the culprit. The heater circulation pump intermintantly leaks. Repalcement looks easy enough. The "stealership" wants $246 for the part # 0018350664. It appears to be leaking in the assembly joint or from the bottom. It looks as though it comes apart in two pieces? There are no repar parts listed. Is it possible to replace a seal or gasket or use a high quality silicon to seal it back up? If not, where is a good affordable place to purchase new? Lastly, is there any thing you can share with regards the replacement procedure?
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