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  1. Question about crankcase vent oil going into turbo.

    W164 M-Class
    K&N filters will work great in cars that have a stock factory airbox and not much air can get through the filter. The filter on the W202s is giant, so I'd much rather keep the paper filters and get the finer filtration.
  2. who has highest mileage?? w202

    W202 C-Class
    I'm really happy with my W202 and I'll keep maintaining it for a long time. People say x car doesn't anything until <large amount> km. I honestly think most cars can go a long way without any major overhauls, it's all down to maintenance... Any car that doesn't have a manufacturing flaw (like...
  3. headliner failure-1999 C230 kompressor

    W202 C-Class
    I replaced mine and I'm glad I don't have that ugly MB vinyl anymore. I'll take napped polyester over the old stuff any day.
  4. Secondary Air Injection Pump runs too long

    W202 C-Class
    It's not a relay per se, it's a vacuum solenoid, it supplies vacuum to the actual PCV system located somewhere near the oil filter housing (at least that's where it is on the M111). It's not powered by a relay either, if I were to guess I'd say it gets +12 volts from the little power block near...
  5. Secondary Air Injection Pump runs too long

    W202 C-Class
    The clicking is probably the PCV solenoid and would be normal (could be the purge valve but that's mounted on a rubber bushing so it wouldn't be as loud). It is normal for the pump to run a second time, and should actually do so every time you cold start the car and the pump ran it's initial 90...
  6. Secondary Air Injection Pump runs too long

    W202 C-Class
    Here's a possible explanation: Vacuum leak causes the SAI shutoff valve (which prevents exhaust coming out through there when SAI is not running) not to open completely, this means that from the perspective of the rear O2 sensor, it takes much more time for the catalytic converter to get up to...
  7. Change that cabin air filter

    W202 C-Class
    That's pretty funny I gotta admit :D The W140 (and the dual zone W210s) have an extra smog filter which can be enabled at the touch of a button on the CCU. I believe it's just a proper activated charcoal filter (our W202 filters only have some activated charcoal sprinkled on the filer).
  8. What did you do to your 202 today?

    W202 C-Class
    It probably has a more dramatic effect if you have a stiffer sway bar to begin with, like on an AMG for example. The rear sway bar on the C220 is honestly a little wimpy :D
  9. C180 722.4 shift points

    W202 C-Class
    Kickdown switch on the floor is bad, it's a common problem and a cheap and easy fix, replace the switch. It should select 2nd / 3rd whenever possible (when the RPMs wouldn't put it above the redline). Other than that, you can adjust the bowden cable at the throttle body to your liking for part...
  10. What did you do to your 202 today?

    W202 C-Class
    I've bought metal sway bar end links for a W124, I haven't installed them yet but they only require minor trimming at the bottom end to make them fit. There's an old post somewhere of someone doing this swap, and apparently the handling became more crisp afterwards too.
  11. Though you guys might appreciate this

    W202 C-Class
    Well barring manufacturing defects, any car should live an extremely long time with maintenance. The only reason cars go to waste is because people eventually start to skimp on maintenance, usually because of the old "the cost is more than the worth of the car". Well guess what: a new car costs...
  12. So I had catastrophic suspension failure and don't know what to do...advice needed

    W202 C-Class
    Yeah you have to be careful with suspensions, it's generally a bad idea to mess with them too much. Also, having too stiff a suspension actually reduces grip, people don't realize that the reason race cars are sprung so hard is for aerodynamics, mechanical grip is actually traded off. Road cars...
  13. "Replace Blaupunkt radio"

    W202 C-Class
    You slide out the locking tab (it's light-gray colored) on the plug, you stick in both ends of a paper clip to (the pins have 2 metal wings that stick out a little bit which holds them in). There is also a special tool but it's not necessary, it's really just two stiff slim metal wires with a...
  14. Idle hickup and sometimes even stalls

    W202 C-Class
    I would suspect the ECM isn't too happy with the increased displacement. Typically ECMs can handle a small increase in displacement (let's say if you had a 2.2 that blew up and swapped in a 2.3 instead just because), but from a 2.3 to a 3.2... I dunno... You should hook it up to a live scanner...
  15. So I had catastrophic suspension failure and don't know what to do...advice needed

    W202 C-Class
    I've known about this issue on the W210, it's the first time I see it on a W202. As others have said, welding on a new plate should not be expensive. I see you've gone for the B8s and H&R lowering springs. With that thin pad I would imagine it rides way too low and bottoms out on the shock's...