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  • Gulfstream 650 ·
    I read your posts about the shift module. I have a 01 E430 that the wife spilled some coffee down into the module. Classic symtoms from what I'm reading, delayed starting, trans in limp mode, can't put shifter into park without turning off the ignition etc. In one of your posts you said (to someone else) to PM you for the fix or repair. So, here I am...any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated. On a last note, if I have to replace the module assembly do you know a good source cheaper than $475?
    TerryCS ·
    I've read some of your posts about clearing the EGR flow malfunction. I have a 1999 E320 that is due for emissions. Can you point me to the procedure to clean EGR and Tube without removing?
    davepnola ·
    ohlord I read your post on code 0341 camshaft sensor range performance code... I am confused which sensor is causing this malfunction. I replaced the black 3 wire sensor and yes it was cracked at the end part facing the lobe of camshaft. But it did not correct the problem on the code. This is a s320 140 inline 6 so I am assuming same engine as some earlier e 320? The 2 wire plug on the camshaft adjustor sensor is missing the plastic.. I used black silicone and squeezed the prong connectors for a tighter connection. I also noticed that on the end of the camshaft that the nut looking end cap of the camshaft spins freely ,, is this correct ?? Thanks for your response hopefully can get this code cleared. Thanks David
    4Mat ·
    Am reading plug change posting for my 02 e320
    Do you still sell the 17mm plug cap removal tool?
    Also interested in the radio and climate control keys
    I can be reached at [email protected]
    Thanks Paul, Gettysburg PA
    jjcarr ·
    Not sure if this will reach you, can't PM as it says your inbox is full. Need to get info on the transmission dipstick.
    joshua.stevens ·
    Hello Ohlord I read a post from you where you stated that transmission is the e320 wagons are pretty much all the same. I have a 2000 e320 wagon with a 722.618 transmission that has gone out and I've got a guy who has a transmission out of a 2000 e320 sedan but it is a 722.607 does it matter? Any information would be great thank you in advance.
    Fabricio1 ·
    Hi OH Lord how are you ?
    Yes my name is fabricio and i have a merc e class 2000 reg avantgarde e 280 auto
    Now my reverse lights are not working and after reading somany posts here I am confused
    Some say the reverse switch is under the car by the trany or together with the gear console
    I have been under the car and found nothing the road from the gear leads to the trany and ends there no wire at all just the big loom but no brake switch there
    took the gear shift apart and nothing there either
    please please help me ?
    Does my car have one ?
    On the gear shift all i see is something like gear recognition device all looks goog
    I got 2 parts for it coz the shops were not sure wich one it is for sure as they have 2 on there system So I got the 2
    for what i have seen there is nothing like any of the 2 switches integrated inside the gear shit nor under the car
    please please help
    Many thanks
    Adiseferi ·
    I was getting a p0443 code on my 2001 e320 and was getting a egg smell from exhaust on cold start I found out my mal purge control valve wasn't plug in and the code and check engine light went away but I'm interesting in knowing did my control valve (not working) being unplugged cause that smell ?
    ncnyga ·

    I've read some of your posts about your procedure to clear the EGR flow malfunction. I just bought a 1999 E320, passed emissions but would like to fix this problem soon without paying too much at a mechanic.

    Thanks for your help,
    izet19 ·
    alright buddy i took it to a mechanic and got a diagnosis .. it was declared that i need a full throttle body replacement with the wire harness .. to stop the surging idle

    also they said that i would need a valve cover gasket replaced because of a leak
    and that should solve all my problems

    the full throttle body he said is $1,280 with labor and all
    the cover gasket he said would cost $1,395 and an additional $500 for the new valve coverings and all so it would be like a engine rebuilt

    Now i Paid for the throttle body to get all of that replaced and he stated that it would be fine if i drove with the leaking cover gasket for a half a year until i decide to do it

    Now i just have one question and that is ? for the valve cover gasket and the additional 500 for the new valve coverings(engine rebuilt) is it poddible if it could be done or found for less then $1,900

    i live in stone mountain ga
    pcdata76 ·

    Thank you ohlord, air filter has just 2000 km's on it but i'll check it again. I'll apply your recommendations before the test.
    racine ·
    I have a '99 E320 wagon, and am stumped with a trivial problem. I have to remove the small console storage box w. cover from the console, just under the radio (its latching mechanism doesn't work) and also have to access the nearby lighter socket (it's wire harness plug has slipped off and fallen down, need to re-connect it). At one time you posted a video to show this stuff, but when I click on it, I can't access it, won't load for me.
    Have you any suggestions on how I can do my little job? Grateful for any tips.

    PS: Our wagon is black, I like the white better!!
    erichark ·

    I'm interested in your 17mm spark plug boot tool so I can swap the plugs on a 2000 E320.

    Let me know here or email @ eric.harkrader(at)

    Thanks for the advice on the forum.

    NiallC ·
    Thanks - To be honest, yes, I was naive enough to believe that the new ECU would just "work" as this was what I was told - albeit from the guy selling me the ECU/key set.
    Your information makes a lot more sense (obviously) and I am hunting a guy with the correct software to look at the car.
    The key wasn't being recognized in the ignition barrel and I was told to get the set (CPU/barrel/key and steering lock) so i wouldn't have to get one item re-coded by the dealer. The car is worth (at most) €1000 and the financial benefit will be lost if I were to bring the car to a dealership. I was told that the cpu/key set just work when installed. Anyway, i know now. The car seems to be in limp mode but behaves like the car is running on 3 clynders. I guess the cpu needs to be programmed as you say.
    kostware ·
    I would like very much to buy the boot tool (hazet 2771). Also, I don't know how to get to your "sticky" for plug replacement. I have 98 e320 and feeling brave. Your advice has been right on so I plan on following your directions. Thanks
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