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  1. Warranty Expiring - what to check beforehand?

    C218 CLS-Class
    Reach out to Euro Motor Cars of Bethesda MD. Ask to speak to Sandra the business manager. Their prices on MB Financial extended warranties are very competitive.
  2. MY16 CLS550 illuminated door sills?

    C218 CLS-Class
    In my 2014, the illum door sills were installed not at the factory in Germany but rather at the Vehicle Prep Center in Brunswick GA. It was a standalone option on the order sheet, not part of the package for my MY. I am sure you can find dealers willing to do the install for you so just shop...
  3. E400 Coupe in Bright Sunlight

    C207/A207 E-Class Coupe & Cabriolet
    Hey V8 CAT, we were about 7 miles apart when I used to live down there. Will PM you re Lexus as it will be off topic here.
  4. E400 Coupe in Bright Sunlight

    C207/A207 E-Class Coupe & Cabriolet
    BTW Lunar Blue is a great color. My wife just commented on how nice that color looked on a C300 we saw up here in NJ this afternoon.
  5. E400 Coupe in Bright Sunlight

    C207/A207 E-Class Coupe & Cabriolet
    Hey Milehigh, I used to be in the 30068 zip code. My old SC430 has spent many happy miles of top down motoring along Johnson Ferry and various other locations in E Cobb and Sandy Springs. Where are you at ?
  6. E400 Coupe in Bright Sunlight

    C207/A207 E-Class Coupe & Cabriolet
    DCOZ and V8cat, thanks for your impressions. Like what I thought, MB quality will make the E550 Cab a nice car to own but caring for that soft top is just harder and I guess the soft top will not provide the same service life as my venerable old SC430 hardtop. The point about the rigidity of a...
  7. E400 Coupe in Bright Sunlight

    C207/A207 E-Class Coupe & Cabriolet
    Know this in an old thread but wonder if anyone has moved from a hardtop convertible of any type to an E350 or E550 Cabriolet ? Wonder how troublesome the soft top is compared to a folding hard top ? Like what I read about the E550 Cab and it has the same engine as my CLS which is going to be...
  8. My European Delivery Experience

    W222 S-Class
    Sounds a little shady to me. My experience was that price was the least important thing cos there is no negotiation. I watched every $ cos I only pay cash. I had to hurry my dealer to take my money cos I was afraid they would not send it to MBUSA on time. This dealer will always get a look at my...
  9. My European Delivery Experience

    W222 S-Class
    Sounds like your dealer is inexperienced in Euro Delivery. Price is the last thing that ever gets negotiated cos it is fixed price. Dates when money needs to reach MBUSA are all set by the program rules. And usually there is no destination charge cos you are buying from MBUSA, not the dealer...
  10. C218 CLS-Class - New Owner Impressions & Photos

    C218 CLS-Class
    Congrats - We do not see many red C218s cos not many people have the guts to get one. It looks wonderful. I have similar packages in my Palladium Silver CLS except no massaging seats cos I have an MB rear seat entertainment system. I am very very envious of your brown leather interior. Wonderful...
  11. GLK 101 for newbies

    X204 GLK-Class
    If you can find a 2013 GLK, it might be better - uprated and better tuned M276 engine and some cosmetic improvements compared with the 2012 and earlier models.
  12. 2012 CLS 550 tires

    C219 CLS-Class
    I have a 2014 with the 18 inch AMG wheels. It is possible to fit the same size tires that go on the front as well as the rear but that is not ideal. I have 255/40/18 on the front and rear for my winter set. But for the all seasons, I have 285/35/18 on the rear and the 255s on the front. I think...
  13. CLS 2015

    C218 CLS-Class
    I do not like the new screen when I am looking at it from outside the car - it looks weird just sitting there - no flow on the dash. BUT, having test driven a C400 with that same silly looking screen, I found that as a driver, I was just fine with the screen and I quite liked where it was...
  14. New CLS550 Owner with Few Question

    C218 CLS-Class
    Hi Gary you have to press and hold the button for seat memory until it is in the position you selected. yes it is odd and I wish it was a one touch command. I can enter addresses on the move in my 2014. Mine was an early build in June 2013 so maybe they changed it for later build 2014s.
  15. 2012 GL 450 Extras

    X164 GL-Class
    Wow jcl48, sorry you had to experience some of this hostility. It's Christmas and the holidays fellas. Some goodwill would go well around this time of year. I'm a member of different online car fora and some neighborhoods are tougher than others but what happened here I would associate with 4...