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  • 87tdwagen ·
    Can you please activate my userid for the G-Class forum? This is the only forum where my user id is lost/not recognized on Benzworld. Thanks
    davepnola ·
    can you help me diagnose a no spark condition on a grey market 1983 280 sl ,, it had bad fuel pump from sitting we cleaned the tank installed anew pump , it started for 20 seconds and died now it has no spark coming from coil or distributor ? it looks to have crank sensor on from of the engine and external ignition module .. thanks Davepnola
    Ikedife Kenny ·
    Pls can any one help? I drive a 2002 G500. Lately my while driving on D, m transmission sometimes goes into a neutral mode while on Drive and the car will rev up without moving... If I stop and take it to Park and then to Drive it will start driving well again till it reoccurs.
    I have done a transmission oil and filter change and the problem is still there... Pls can you advise?
    kingtiger66 ·
    hi,my names mike im from new zealand and i own a 1984 280se,i hear you know alot about m110 engines i am having a lot of problems with mine at the moment the car starts fine from cold it drives down the road ok but as soon as i have to slow down or stop most of the time the engine is then very hard to start,its doing this all the time now do you have any idea what could be causing this problem?
    pkingair1 ·
    I have been thankful for your posts helping fellow benzers. I have an 85 280SL and just finished changing the head gasket I have a blue 2 wire connector that according to the schematics goes to the cold start valve. I cant sweem find where the cold start valve or the frequency valve are physically located. I have found the warm up enrichment valve and it's wires.
    Can you help?
    Squabble ·
    hey man, just checking to see if you got my e-mail and have had any time to respond. i really appreciate the help, thanks!
    factoryKITTED ·
    hey there, i acicdentlly post two un-needed threads in the g-class section. Anyway you can take the two down that dont have photos? Thanks!
    oovmeister25 ·
    Hello. I recently posted the thread that is titled, "Adding an amp and subs to my Bose system". I haven't recieved one single post on the subject. Is this because nobody can help me with this?
    Troy Romuald Gamez ·
    thanks a million nutz. attempted to upload images of my 74 MB 450SE. system is telling me "sorry, image type is not supported yet." there are 5 images currently in queue.

    p.s. i appreciate your insights into my previous matter.
    p.s.s i will glady send you photographs to your e-mail addy

    ST. Troy, NOT ST. Croix
    williamcary ·
    Is there a step by step for replacing the rubber around the windshield and rear window. I looked and couldn't find one. Thanks. William.
    ktmripper ·
    2003 ktm 200 exc
    1999 gas gas 270txt
    2003 honda 250ex (wifes)
    2005 drz 400sm
    2003 drz 400e
    1973 husqvarna wr250 (original)
    1970 husqvarna 360 cross (disassembled for restoration)
    1970 yamaha at125
    1976 husqvarna 360 wr
    1976 cd125s

    all bikes except for 360 cross run + ride. Tis why my benzez have no garage.
    how do you post pics on pm's? do I need to upgrade membership? Just got back from 8 days in the rockies w the ktm.
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