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  • Oregon John ·
    This is Oregon John, the 280SL-smokey guy. Thanks for directing me to your diagrams. These cars are scarce down here. Are there more in Canada? Let me know if you want to read a weird 280 story that almost cost me $1400....
    Pex ·
    Hi nooby, did you get any price on the white gauge faces (in the PeachPart thread)?
    I'm going to overhaul my instrument cluster now and thought that white faces could be an option if the price is right..
    Rufus.1948 ·
    Is your daughter still after beer bottle tops.If she is email me your address and we will send them on monday
    CaliTitan ·
    Hey champ you have any knowledge on the exhaust manifolds from 76-79? I've got a thread going if you feel like taking a peek...
    bettybenz ·
    Nobby ~ let me know what I need to pack up and bring to Rowdie's. I can drive up in my truck and bring: decent beer, chairs, food, anything but an outhouse. Let me know.
    Werner W ·
    Hey Nob. This guy might be a source of used parts for you if he isn't too far away.

    Mercedes SL 107 headlights - eBay (item 250795097874 end time Apr-03-11 08:14:59 PDT)
    edsml ·
    Hey, you wrote to someone searching for parts that you've been able to get parts, with the exception of ignition wires. I have an 84 280 SL that needs new spark plug wires, and I can't find anyone to confirm the correct wires for the car. Even MBUSA said they would sell me the parts to build my own! Can you help me find wires for my car, please? I'm pretty sure there isn't a difference (I could buy for the 380 and save two wires), but I'd like confirmation of that. Thanks for any help.

    rockcrusher ·
    Hey buddy, how did you remove the old centering bushing in the prop shaft. I was trying a makeshift slide hammer, but to no avail.
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