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  • nick.ged ·
    check engine earths.

    fit large strap from engine directly to bat earth.

    try driving with megatune connected, then check does computer 'beep' and reste number increase each time car judders?

    sounds like reset issue due to earth loop.
    twosocksbenz ·
    good day,

    I'm from malaysia.
    I've done a m103 converted with megasquirt (fuel and spark).
    Car seems to run fine above 1500 rpm.
    However, while coasting or idling rpm drops(blips) as if there is a loss of power for a second, sometime it would cause the car to stall.
    Replaced a new alt., fpr and fuel filter but problem persist.
    Also changed the fuel strainer in the fuel tank.
    While removing the fuel strainer noticed that the plastic cup inside the tank is not tight.
    Could the plastic cup in the fuel tank affect the fuel delivery (even if secured tightly with the strainer)?
    Any suggestions?

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