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  • Dave1158 ·
    Good Morning Ken. I am looking to buy a 90-95 R129 passenger side sun visor. Grey in color. Would you be able to post this on the forum? Thanks Dave Auxier
    Fast960 ·
    Hi Ken ... Greetings from extra-hot Texas :) Gotta little problem in not receiving email notifications on threads I'm subscribed to. Can you point me in the right direction in solving this? TY David
    Sl miles ·
    I need some advice. I just replaced my caps and rotor from rock auto. I got Bosch caps and beck raley rotors. Should I have changed the adapters? I still have a mis..
    tarheeljww ·
    I just notice you are in Raleigh......Im from Wilmington....miss Carolina.
    I still intend to send you my TB for porting but got side tracked with leaking top pistons and brakes.......after it gets cold enough to not have to down I will send it to you....
    Im researching car has a powder coated exhaust tip that I want to replace .....any ideas where to get ss or chrome tip????
    also, I have read all your posts on exhaust and my intent is not to make my car louder, but more responsive and add removing the Resonators or one set of mufflers help that???

    Thx for your time.......
    bienzslichz ·
    Hello, I have a 1996 SL500 that won't start after I parked it overnight. I don't know what happened but, I checked ignition system and there is sparked in the spark plug.

    I further checked fuel pressure on the fuel manifold and there is enough pressure in it (40 plus psi). The engine runs if I sprayed starting fluid on intake manifold. I don't know what happened but, I think the there is an issue in my engine ECU.

    Please, I need further help to make my SL, run.

    HELP!!! Anyone!!!
    ozcab ·
    Hi Neoken

    I'm in Brisbane, Queensland seeking a sound RHS headlight wiper motor. I'm sure you can guess why. May I place an ad in the R129 "Wanted and for sale" for such please?

    John Cleary
    cartion ·
    Hi NEOKEN,
    Was wondering if your still offering TB mod service? I have a SL60 AMG that im sure would benefit from it.
    bmwmikec ·
    Hi. new member bmwmikec a 1995 mercedes sl 500 powerloss problem, check engine light on. rotten eggs smell when lost power I checked the plugs, dist caps, rotors and they seem fine.....took off catalytic converter today put 2 1/4 " test pipes.. no power - has a pronounced smell of rich fuel as well now, Had codes pulled by local shop with a MODIS scanner and he said poooo9 pooooA retarded advance .cam position sensor...ect load sensor ... and missfire cylinders 8 2 4 7...he also tried to clear the codes and the check engine light is still on and rich fuel mixture and no power.

    shop mechanic wants to change alll the ignition wires, rotors, both distributor caps and install iridium plugs = $ 1500. and no guarentees QUOTE - LETS START WITH A TUNE UP FIRST $ 1500 dollars......HELP maybe i have a wiring harness problem ? MAF sensor ? ..HELP HELP P P S has new air and fuel filters.....any help ?
    BoatWaco ·
    Hi Ken, I saw a great 2003 SL500 at my local dealer today while getting a state inspection done on my 97 SL500. 2003 SL500, only 23,000 one-owner miles. Person traded it back to dealer when they picked up their new SLS "super car". Link to the dealer site is: Used 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class For Sale in Waco TX | CA008610A | Serving Temple, Marlin & Robinson, TX

    PS. I have no stake whatsoever in the sale or this vehicle. I just think its a great car and a good deal for someone looking for a super clean 2003.

    Regards - Tom Berta
    Fast960 ·
    Hello all. I have my Panoramic Roof for sale. Its from my 1998 sl500 with 85k. Its in great shape with the sunshade and interior intact and looking good. It's black with 265a cream beige interior. Besides a 1 inch surface scratch in the paint it's just about flawless.

    Available for sale for $3500 or $3000 with base hardtop exchange.

    Contact David at 817-861-5112 Arlington, Texas 76013
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