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  • Fast960 ·
    myarmar, I was removing the fan in order to fill it a bit in hopes of bringing my temps down. After I bought the drill/bits and new bolt to replace the stripped one I found my radiator had a cool spot so I flushed the rad while it was on the car with a hose and afterwards the temps were down. So I'm going to save the drilling out project for when I actually need to get the clutch off..... I knew the clutch wasn't bad but had thought topping off the hydraulic fluid in it might do the trick ...
    now I'm well prepared for when I need to do it .... Thanks again, David
    Fast960 ·
    Hi myarmar and thank-you for accepting my friend request :) Another than-you for helping me with my fan bolt problem ...... Many cheers, Fast960 .... David
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