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  • mramay ·
    No, I don't have a blog or thread. I haven't worked on the car for over a year but would like to finish it. Just no ambition at this time.
    Troels ·

    Have you finished you project on instaling a the LS in the SEC?

    I am thinking of instaling a LS6 and 6L80 transmission into a 500SEL
    Also i will upgrade the steering ( fit rack and pinion ), suspension and brakes

    Maybe you can help with some usefull info.. :)

    Best regards
    Troels Toft
    / Denmark
    Chadahar ·
    I sent you a PM on Face Book but you can answer in my How about a Widebody Convert. Thread or by pm. Also would like to know how many widebodies BTE made.
    mramay ·
    Meant to answer you a few days ago but couldn't find "Visitor Messages"!

    I contacted a local hot rod builder to see if I could afford some professional help in getting the FrankenBenz finished. Should hear later next week.

    This might be easier if you contact me at [email protected]

    hey_allen ·
    I'd be interested in hearing what it takes to finish it up, and where you found the bumps in the road along the way.

    I'm working on doing a Megasquirt conversion on the euro M117 engine that is in my car currently, but always looking at the options out there if the engine gives up completely.
    hey_allen ·
    Just out of curiosity, have you made any headway on the LS swap SEC?

    My SEC is off and on giving me grief, and I've been curious how your conversion went ever after reading the thread about it a few years ago, when I first messaged you about the Delta Current Controls fan you used.

    Hope all's well,

    -Josh Allen
    Tanglewood ·
    Hellow,Mike I'm interested on purchasing that idle control valve for a 83/500sec how can I contact you to do this? Thanks Jake 9703891982
    mramay ·
    I use a shop called.
    Purrfect Auto Services
    4424 North Allen Lane
    North Las Vegas, NV 89031
    Ask for Dorothy. She knows me and my 560SEC and 560SEL.
    1984 ·
    Hi, we are group of people from Czech Republic travelling through US - from California to N.Y. with 1984 500SEL LIMO. And now we are in Las Vegas in need to check brakes and the clutch.
    Can you please give us any advice, which repair shop is the right one for 1984 w126?
    Thank you very much
    SaleenS7 ·
    Thanks again for all the advice the other day. You ought to post some pictures of the coupe in the SEC picture thread.

    mramay ·
    Thanks! I have adapters on the back of the SEC I'm driving and they work great. Got them from Air Suspension - Lift Kits- Lowring Kits - Wheel Adpters and More - Search.
    dtek ·
    Seriously it LOOKS GREAT!!!! Thank you for getting back to me so fast. It is almost impossible to find rims with today's designs with an offset of ET11... I was thinking maybe 20 would work, but I have had no luck there either... Other than the spacers from what I have read on your posts you wrote that it rides pretty well. Well, then I will start looking for some wheels our there with anET of 35 at least I know where I can start. Ijust got my H&R springs and will be lowering my new ride on the weekend:)
    dtek ·

    I love your set up on the silver 560SEC with the 18" wheel package. I am a newbee to the 560 and was hoping you could help out. What bran of wheels are they or if you could give me the offset that worked? I thank you in advance. Your car is beautiful!!
    mels500 ·
    hi, my name is mel barrido, i was hoping i could talk to you and show you in person my 1982 500 sel, im looking forward to have the timing belts and etc done, needs your recomendation where to go..i lived here in las vegas..may be we can get together soon, my cell 702-528 7371 thank you very much.
    Ramesh ·
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the offer. I just removed the Voltage Regulator and put it back using the same screw, even though it was badly stripped. I wanted to see whether the fault was with the regulator. But it is not. One of these days, I will remove the screw, find another car and get a new one from the store that was mentioned earlier. In case I do not find one, I will contact you.

    macknay ·
    hello there again
    remember we were emailing each other for the sec palomino interior , do you still have it or at least the door panels for front or rear ?
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