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  • Krisanie ·
    Hi Michael...I was in a thread which beat the subject of the Sport package to death and still didn't resolve it. I was told that it had the AMG 32 suspension kit, along with the body plastic and AMG chrome wheels larger in the back than in the front. Not wanting to argue, I did point out that critical suspension components for a 170 have two listings, one for a standard SLK and one for the Sport package, which includes the AMGs. I don't like to argue with experts, but really feel that parts numbers reveal everything. I think much of the confusion is that there were not many pre-facelift Sports Packaged cars, or at least as many as you see for the 2001-2004s.

    They are all nice cars and if they were alike, well, that would be boring, wouldn't it?
    Krisanie ·
    Hi Mike, a beautiful car and I like the grill. But something is driving me nuts: My 230 Sport has a badge that says "Sport" there and the standard 230s and 32 AMGs say "Kompressor" there but it appears like you have lights there, like in a European Edition (for parking). I like the look but hadn't seen it that a 320?
    Also, and it is only because I want to understand, I thought the body kit below the doors came out with the 01's but it looks like you have pre-facelift mirrors, but it could be just the way the light is reflecting.
    kbarnes ·
    Have just seen message, have pix to post of tires and rims if I could figure out where to post them. Have lost the email with the specs, can get it from locker tomorrow if interested. my email is [email protected]
    Zimbo ·
    Do you have a phone number?.... I'll give you a call.... or if you perfer I'm at 416-561-9466 in Toronto for the next three days. Then back to Scottsdale. Until next February.

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