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  • KC- ·
    Isn't it a bit ironic that you mention in your sig "just to dumb...."

    It's spelt too, not to.
    Kassto ·
    There are only 2 types of cars. New Mercedes and used Mercedes.
    I have used one.

    Mercedes W210 E220D 1998 y.
    We changed the engine.I have automatic gearbox. We just took out engine,
    gearbox we left. After putting back gearbox it was hard to exactly screw together automatic gearbox with engine. But finally we manage. When it was left around 5 to 10 mm space between gearbox and engine.

    The main problem ....when we was screwing engine together with gearbox...when left arround 10 mm space between automatic gearbox and was harder and harder to rotate engine manually in front with the key. When it was left space between engine and automatic gearbox 6 mmm it was really hard to rotate engine with big key.

    Transmission was left in neutral. Maybe need to put in gear? Then rotate the engine and screw it together.

    Why the engine started to rotate hardly? Have damaged something. Have we pressed out, moved something?

    tarryq ·
    hello, how r u. i have a problem in Mercedes Benz C-180 Model 2004. There is a code comming DTC P2029 (Selffadaptation current of mixture and formation at stored rich stop) . (IF you know pls tell me how can we fix this issue.


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