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  • 400 SE or S420 ? ·
    Hi Chris

    Been awhile so I thought I'd just say hello to see how your going
    My operation went well and I'm all fixed up

    Hows the 600 hunting going - any luck yet ?

    Wishing you well

    Cheer's from Lee
    eddie a ·
    Hi, Are the person who has been looking for a wiring harness for a 96 S320? If so let me know, just got one in, talk to you soon, Eddie a
    theguitarman ·
    Hi...sorry I lost all my data just after we spoke a while back. Can you sms me your mobile again please...I'd like to see the guy you sold your w140 to in Paekhurst/Penshurst about my ASR problem...regards Steve 0418661013
    Merc-S600 ·
    I'm on it right now Michobebe,will find a solution for that somehow if i can ,have you tested it on Win Xp or Vista .
    michobebe ·
    Hey Merc

    I just wanted to tell you that I downloaded and unrared the 07 and tried and burned it.. I'm sad to tell you it's not working. Only folder that led me to some info was the " webetm" folder by opening some thml files. In other folders (documents) nothing works not even the GIF picture files don't open, html file don't open..etc. The owner's manual pdf is working. It's not only the burnt disk itself even the unrared files on the hard drive do not work.. you may want to open them for yourself to see. I can see no picture no nothing :( I'm sorry for all the work you went through maybe there could be a solution for this!?
    Merc-S600 ·
    BTW: Wait & be patient as i'm waiting on the 07 Service manual to arive ,i will then post it within the Maintenance Manuals Thread with a Rapidshare downloadeble link to start off with .
    Merc-S600 ·
    Hi Merccedes722
    Unfortunately i dont have that one ,not yet anyway , i even doubt that it exsist for the W140 series because if there was i surely would have it by now but what you can look for is on YouTube ,there are a lot of mini videos in regarding the same sort of video that you posted about the service on the R129 .
    Try it you might find something intersting there ,the trick is to type in the right words for what you looking for or just type MB W140 /Mercedes W140 for everything to show up .
    mercedes722 ·
    hey i saw your post on the PDF files for service but you pointed out the DVD version for the W140, do oyu have a service video for a W140??
    r129 doorpanel removal - YouTube
    this video on youtube is a service video on a R129, this is what iam looking for
    Hey MercS500, can you assist me please. I am going into the W140 forum. I try to use the search this forum over to the top/left and it seems to not pull up anything. Like I type in ADS and it returns with nothing found. I'm I doing something wrong??
    wobblylegs ·
    did you upgrade the ecu yourself? because at the moment the the overall built quality of the CL is kind of intimidating dont want fiddle around too much its only just clocked over 80000 kms did you feel any difference with ecu upgrade? and what are the widest tyres i can fit on the rear?
    wobblylegs ·
    Hey merc its good to speak to another aussie benz enthusiast, that info you gave me was helpful but when it comes to the ecu i might leave that to the pros.Im defininetly gettin rid rid of the 18s I want 22s but that will sacrifice ride quality so 20s are probably the go.Im definitely going for a new stainless exhaust what do you think dual or quad pipes? I got some serious cash coming next year so i was thinking supercharger what do ya reckon? man ive had this car for 2 weeks and i want to sell a kidney to upgrade it is that wrong?
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