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  • zainhaleem ·
    Hi guys , I am a proud owner of 124 300D ... Visiting bangkok very soon , need some spare for my car like , speedo meter , some other cockpit stuff , also some engine stuff , I will prefer little used spare parts over chine one , pleas let me know we're can I find little used spare parts in bangkok . Thx
    1bigjoe ·
    this is --1bigjoe im new here and have just gotten a 1986 300sdl ---i have been chaseing my ac problem since i got the car--i have read lots of post about ac/heat
    now i just read one that say you might have service manuals --if you would can you please send me a copy -its 90* and there is no ac --the defroster is on blowing hot and the accu does nothing--- i dont know if you need a
    email address [email protected] you can send them through this sight
    thank you
    Bev ·
    I am new to this forum and just purchase a 1986 420 SEL. I am looking for repair manuals for the car and was told by several members I should contact you as you had a wealth of info and possible a repair manual that would cover the 420 sel. If you would be so kind as to help me in my pursuit I would appreciate it.
    Dr.G ·
    Do you still have the Workshop Manuals for w126?
    I am just rebuilding my car, and I got stuck at the KE Jetronic.
    It would help me a lot if I could get them.
    Thx! [email protected]
    DrBuffer ·
    Would like to get one of those hood pads for my 560sel with just the Mercedes star on it. Tell me how much and where to send payment. Dr Buffer(Phil Zimmerman) Kentucky.
    phil.m ·
    Originally Posted by Teutone.

    My Tranny went out last month and Teutone helped me procure a junkyard replacement. All in all it went very well. It cost me $96.00 for the tranny and I gave Teutone's 'Roving Mechanic' $100.00 to pull it for me. He only wanted $70.00, but I gave him a tip because there were three of them and they only took an hour to pull it.

    So that's $196.00 for the tranny. Then I paid Dragi $250.00 to install it for me and he had it done in like 4 hours. So that was $450.00 total installed.


    This was from a post in 2010. Now in 2014 I am looking for a transmission to rebuild and can pickup in Lancaster/Palmdale or surrounding areas. Do you still have contact with Teutone with possibility of finding a transmission I can rebuild.


    1989 300SE
    carnut62 ·
    I'm going to be in San Dimas 35 miles from Pasadena Christmas week. I have located a 140 sedan glass moonroof locally. What more do I need beyond the glass panel to put this in my 88 300SE? AND.......would/ could you do the swap that week. Price of your labor? My roof works great in all modes but I should lube it soon as preventative maintenance. Thanks for any consideration!
    liviu165 ·
    Hi Michael, what chrome rings do you recommend for a perfect fit to my 420sel istrument cluster? I tried before EBay item 141032211495 and can't say I was too impressed. What do you think about Ebay item 141120769663? What is your opinion and recommendation please? Thanks, Roy.
    beardsley ·
    Hi, it is a dash mounted moniter with a camera at the rear of the car. Have put the wires thru to the trunk and need to connect two wires. One is active and the other is negative. They are spliced into the wires for the backup light (reverse light). Have removed the tailight assembly to find the correct wires but there is only one wire to the light globe which i am assuming is the active. What I am needing to know is where to connect the black wire (negative) as there is not two wires to that globe. Do I just attach it to the metal surround on the assembly to create the negative (earth) ?
    beardsley ·
    Hi mclare, I have fitted a reversing camera and about to connect the wires to the reverse lights in the boot. Dilema is there are two wires, red active and black negative to connect . There is only one wire for the globe in the boot, which will be active, Where should I connect the negative? to the metal plate frame of the globe panel? Or is there somewhere else to groung it too?
    Hope you can help. Many thanks, Vic.
    Pants ·
    Hi, I'm not clear on whether you do instrument-cluster repairs as a biz or hobby (or both) but I just bought an 83 300SD with a lengthy checklist of fixits. In terms of cluster problems, tach and odometer are dead, and apparently for about 7 years now. Any chance these have a common cause? Let me know what you recommend.
    SDFAN ·
    Thanks again on the help about Gen 1 door lock difference vs. Gen 2. If I do a remote lock system on my 1984 300SD Gen 1 how do I change the instructions you set out in your helpful instructions posted for the later 126 remote?
    SDFAN ·
    I really appreciate your offer to send the ETM's. The car is a 1984 300SD and It appears from your info that it is a single door lock system. My email is b [email protected] . You have been very helpful to so many members you are truly a blessing to this forum. I thank you in advance for any help. Bill
    Rogerdtaylor ·
    I've been optimizing my '91 420SEL's fuel mixture for the past several days using pin-3 on the X11 test plug. I had it almost exactly where i wanted it and made one last test drive this morning. After stopping roadside to check the duty cycle however, this pin started generating a 30hz signal instead of the usual 100hz. This, of course, throws off my duty cycle reading when i select % on my multi-meter. Any idea what component would cause this signal to change frequency so dramatically? I've seen this 30hz signal pop up briefly before but revving the engine would usually bump it back up to the normal 100hz, but not today. It appears to be permanently fixed at 30hz. Help me Obi-wan. You're my only hope.

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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