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  • Josh ·

    GreenT suggested I was having issues with my Thermostat O-ring, and I was genuinely curious as to why he thought I had issues, as my thermostat install went fine last night.

    I think the reason GreenT posted that, was so that if I did have issues, I could chime in to assist the OP, but you'd already done that, and I closed that loop by saying I didn't have any issues. As you well know, the M117 I have is a different beast than the M103 in the OP's 300SE, so the provided diagrams wouldn't have assisted me in anyway. I've amended the post and added contributing information on the differences between the two.

    But thank you for letting me know.

    AxelWulff ·
    Hi Malcolm,

    Sorry, but I didn't see your message until today.

    I was unaware of any feuding on Benzworld between Jonathan and Bruce. Was I mentioned in any of it? If so, I had noting to do with it being mostly absent from Benzworld for the past few years.

    My car has been with Jonathan since October of 2010. Yes, going on four years now.

    He was going to replace my 5.0L M119 engine with a 6.0L, but I finally abandoned that project about six months ago after years of wasted time and effort.

    Jonathan is currently working on getting a conventional 5.0L M119 engine from his 500 SL to run properly in my car.

    I'll probably frequent the Benzworld forum again if I ever get my car back.

    Prochambers ·
    Hey MBL. Where you been? Thanks for the compliments. Yeah I get a lot of looks and offers to buy. Stay in touch! Take care!
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