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  • mb380sldms ·

    Thanks. This car would not classify as "georgeous" (I saw yours online - what a shame) but it most every thing from the front back to the rear end is in pretty good shape and the owner says it runs and drives fine (I'll have to check that out). I don't mind a little work. I figure I can get it for $2k or less (he's asking 2k but I may be able to get it for 1.5K) I need only a few parts. I'm not trying to make this a living and not make a killing but I figure a little sweat equity and I would probably come out ahead.

    Did you happen to keep a spreadsheet of what you got for the parts you sold? I parted out a Lotus Elan that I wrecked 30 years ago and hauled around for 30 years. I couldn't get more than $2500 in cash but when I parted it out I got more than 13K profit when I finished and it was kind of rewarding. I hated to part out the Elan but I was never going to get it back together and I guess it died so others could live.

    sokoloff ·
    Dan - everything depends on condition. My 560SL only had 41,000 miles on it, was a CA car and the parts for the most part were gorgeous, so they commanded pretty top dollar. That being said I was able to bring in over $10K and that is with not selling any sheet metal off of it and leaving the engine and transmission unmolested. I sold the hulk that was left including the engine and transmission to a guy for $2500.
    Hope that helps.

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