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  • baknforth101 ·
    come on, i own a company worth 40 million dollars. i own 8 different cars right now. my family owns a HUGE museum of cars including ones who's doors are worth more than everything you own. my 202 MB is the worst car I own. it may have 20 inch chromes, and the kit on it, but it's nothing special. i have the money to buy the proper fluid and do what is best for my car. if you like walmart specials, go right ahead. i am guessing you cannot afford anything better. and you think i should get laid, you have no idea. i just bagged a chick about an hour ago who used to be in Playboy. i know talking sh*t makes you feel better about yourself. the old adage is as true as ever, never judge a book by it's cover. sometimes people who may seem to be worthless or "an idiot" are actually way ahead of you in life. in the mean time i will be paying poor fools like you who drive sh*itty MB's with 130K miles on them with "a few minor issues" to work on my car like slaves. thats cause i can.
    MB-W202 ·
    Mine is at 130,000 miles and still runs strong with a few minor issues. Knock on wood. Recently replaced the MAF.
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