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  • hutson ·
    Hi Lofty, we have a problem with our A170TDI Automatic. At first it wouldn't start when the engine was warm, no problems when cold. Now the starter gave a litlle "tic". I already placed a new starter (hell of a job) with no succes. When I remove the switch (5 wires: yellow/green, black, brown and a thin double green) on the automatic gear box it starts all the time! Could this be the neutral safety switch?
    Many thanks for your reply, best regards,
    irishbaz ·
    Hi Lofty I recently picked up a W168 A140 Auto for my wife as a runabout and it has seemed to develop a central locking problem.

    Ive been reading the various threads on this and it seems to be a common problem on this car.

    From looking at the website:
    Bert Rowe's-mercedes-Benz 'A'-class info. Removal of Inner Rear Door Panel 1/3/2001

    I think the problem is down to a fault in the lock and not the pump as the front doors are working fine and I can hear the pump trying to push up the lock that seems to be jammed on the rear door.

    Can I ask would it be easier to pick up a complete lock on ebay and fit it rather than the "fix it" approach?

    Ive checked the rear boot and there dosent appear to be any water around the pump, does the problem sound like its the lock in your opinion?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    AkisP ·
    Hi Lofty,

    I was wondering if you can help me with a problem my Merc A140 W168 has developed.

    Drivers door (left hand side) it doesn't work any more. What I mean is, when I put the key in the lock it fails to lock-unlock the door! It was fine yesterday, just happened suddenly!

    Passengers door lock works fine, i can lock-unlock the car from there!

    I don't have a remote lock fob, I've been using the keys since i got the car!

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance
    benzaclass ·
    hi Lofty,

    My w168 A160 fully automatic gearbox stuck in 1st gear and woun't change up. The ESP & BAS warning lights show on and gear indicator gone off (no P/R/N/D show on panel display). It's loud clunk at the gearbox when put it drive or reverse..
    C Ros ·
    Since you seem to be the "guy" when it comes to A160s I have a question. If I were to put "angel eyes" in my headlights would that mess with the cars computer/ electrical systems?

    I was told if I change anything electrical on the cars exterior it could mess with the computer however anything thing in the interior like dome lights for example wont cause any issues...
    itonks ·
    Hi was wishing to ask your advice I have a a160 a class with the abs and esp lights on they do not go off at all with the ignition turned on changed brake switch no luck! dont think it could be a wheel sensor as would the car need to move to regesture a fault? any ideas?
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